Listen through your cable TV connection

All Boulder Comcast cable TV subscribers can access KVOD through their cable connection. The frequency of KVOD on cable is 98.1 Mhz. (Do not tune to KVOD's broadcast frequency of 88.1 Mhz, as Comcast changes the frequency when it puts KVOD's signal onto the cable).

There is no need to make a request or pay an extra fee to the cable provider for this service, as it is already included in your service contract. Likewise, no expensive electronic devices are needed, since the parts required for the connection are readily available for $20 or less.

To connect your FM radio to the cable, locate your cable connection (you may have to go in back of your television to find it). If your TV or DVD player has a connector marked “RF out,” you can use that connection, as well.

Just connect your cable to the back of your radio, and connect the other end to your cable jack. In some cases, you may need an adapter to connect your cable to your radio.

You may also need a splitter to divide the cable signal between your television and your radio.

Once you have connected the cable to your radio, simply turn it on and tune to 98.1fm. You should start to receive KVOD's program audio over your radio.

Please be aware that KVOD on Comcast is available only to cable customers within the Boulder city limits or Gunbarrel/Niwot. It is not available in Louisville, Longmont, Erie, etc., since those cities are serviced by other cable lines. KVOD on Comcast, at Comcast's discretion, is carried as a mono signal.

I have technical questions about listening to Colorado Public Radio in Boulder with Comcast cable.
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