There's an article that goes around every Christmas.  It details how much you'd have to shell out if you sprang for all the items detailed in that carol "The 12 Days of Christmas."  According to the so-called Christmas Price Index that PNC Wealth Management updates annually, the cost of being that generous in 2013 has gone up 7.7% from last year.  

(Photo: CPR/Jon Pinnow)

The partridge should only cost you $15.  The swans are the most expensive at $1,000 a head. The eight maids-a-milking still cost a total of just $58 because the federal minimum wage hasn't risen. At $7.25 each, they're the least expensive gifts this year in the song. And once you tally the cost of all the livestock,  the jewelry, the farmhands, a mature pear tree plus the performers (professionals only, of course, because your true love deserves the very best), it'll set you back around $115,000. Last minute Internet shoppers will pay around $60,000 on top of that!
As I write this, there are just eight shopping days left until the first day of Christmas. Anyone know a local source for partridges and pear trees?