July 5 - August 3
Sundays at 2pm & Mondays at 9pm

Five Farms is about making connections between the food on our tables and families in New England, the South, the Midwest, the Southwest, and on the West Coast who produce it.

This series of five one-hour documentaries puts a personal face on five farm families across the country, documenting their lives and livelihoods for a one-year cycle of the seasons. Through their own voices and direct experiences, we learn about the details of farming life - about their triumphs, hopes, and challenges.

The locations for the Five Farms series were carefully chosen to reflect the agricultural, cultural, historic, and geographic diversity of farming in America: western New England; central Iowa; eastern North Carolina; California's Capay Valley; and the Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona.

Beginning in March 2008, field producers and photographers in each of the locations recorded farmers' stories over the course of a year.

Five Farms is part of the weekly documentary series Showcase, Sundays at 2pm and Mondays at 9pm.