May 17 - June 15
Sundays at 2pm & Mondays at 9pm

Against the Odds

This series profiles people who have overcome significant obstacles in life. The uplifting stories have a serious message - and a particular focus on people from marginalized groups.

May 17 & 18
Hope on a Pile of Bones will introduce views and listeners to a range of people who are building the new Rwanda. We profile a young genocide survivor who escaped the slaughter by pretending to be a woman. His father and brothers were murdered.

May 24 & 25
Breaking the Bonds of Tradition focuses on several people in India who have said "no" to prejudice and low expectations. Dalit, an Untouchable, provides education with dignity to scores of young people from poor villages. We also look at a group of women widowed by the Gujarat anti-Muslim riots of 2002.

May 31 & June 1
Nerds in the Hood looks at kids, from both coasts, who have managed to become exemplary achievers despite their dicey backgrounds growing up in some of the toughest streets.

June 14 & 15
Trauma, Turmoil and Recovery: Surviving Foster Care profiles survivors of foster care, including two sisters who recently graduated from Smith and Virginia Polytechnic, respectively.

Against the Odds is part of the weekly documentary series Showcase, Sundays at 2pm and Mondays at 9pm.