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October 18 - 19
From NAFTA to Narcotics: The Cross-Border Economy
When the US sneezes, Mexico catches a cold. With the American economy in surgery, Mexico’s is on life support. In this edition of America Abroad, we travel from New York to Puebla, to examine the economic ties that bind the two nations, from trade to trafficking, and how what happens on the other side of the border doesn’t stay there.

September 27 & 28
The First Freedom: Promoting International Religious Liberty
Freedom of religion is gospel in the US, and it’s canonized in international law. There’s growing evidence it is a seed that sprouts stable societies, and that religious repression in the world is a national security threat. Despite a US law that commands the government to promote international religious freedom, the secular State Department hasn’t quite found its calling. We visit Vietnam where US pressure has led to moderate religious reforms, and Pakistan where promoting religious freedom takes a back pew to US strategic interests.

September 20 & 21
Integrating Islam
In recent years European countries have been rocked by violence from Muslim extremists within. The staunchly secular nations have struggled to integrate growing Muslim populations, while immigrants have chafed against a patchwork of religious policies. Meanwhile, foreign-born Muslims are settling in well in the nation of immigrants. We explore Muslim integration in Holland and America to see why homegrown radicalism has been a problem in Europe and why so far it hasn’t in the US.

September 13 & 14
Diplomacy Under Fire
President Obama talks tough about the power of talking to the world, but the State department is still a bit tongue-tied. We examine how the US is scrambling to recruit, train, and deploy diplomats to the world’s hot spots like Iraq and Colombia. And we travel to Hyderabad India to see how America is trying to conduct diplomacy in emerging power centers across the globe.

June 28 & 29
Interrogating Torture
While Washington grills former Bush Administration figures over their policies on torture, we explore cases from Northern Ireland to Israel on coercing true confessions. And we question an expert panel on whether you can thwart terrorism through torture, and where to draw the legal lines.

June 21 & 22
Exiting Iraq
Where the US used to be in Iraq wasn’t pretty. Sectarian violence had exploded into what was essentially a civil war. Through perseverance and policy change, the situation today is dramatically different. Violence is down and attitudes are perking up. But, in April, insurgents detonated a series of deadly reminders that they are still in business. Politically and economically, Iraq is still pedaling with US training wheels. American forces can expect more than a few speed bumps on the long road out of Baghdad.

May 10 & 11
Judging the International Criminal Court
In 1998, 121 countries established the International Criminal Court (ICC). But the jury is still out on whether the ICC can bring war criminals to justice and heal the wounds of conflict. Hear the arguments for and against creating the court and the trials of handing down international justice from The Hague, Uganda and the former Yugoslavia. Matt Ozug travels to Uganda to uncover local opinions about the ICC's indictment of Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army.

March 15 & 16
The Responsibility to Protect
The Holocaust, Rwanda, the Balkans, and now Darfur. After each atrocity the world says never again, and yet here we are, again. But now the international community has a new idea - the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). It’s the notion that each country is obligated to protect its citizens, and if that country can’t, then the international community must. We’ll explore two situations in Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya to see what R2P looks like on the ground.

March 8 & 9
Terror, Tribes and the Taliban
The mountains and caves of the tribal regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan are the stomping grounds of terrorists - where plots are hatched that threaten America's security. We explore the deteriorating conditions on the ground, and the inability of Kabul and Islamabad to tame the badlands along their border.

January 11 & 12
Power Shift: The Debate of American Decline
China, Russia, India, and many other nations have been on the rise, but does that mean America is in decline? As Barack Obama takes the keys to the White House we explore the state and role of American power today. We’ll explore the political power shifts of the 20th century, and we'll touch down in South America to see the consequences of China's growing investments in America's back yard.

January 4 & 5
Explaining America: The Challenges of Public Diplmacy
US public diplomacy was a critical weapon in the Cold War, but today America has lost its ground in the information war. We visit Morocco to explore how public diplomacy is missing the mark, and Egypt to find out what tactics hit the target. We trace America’s efforts to present itself to the world over the last century, and we talk to Reagan Administration officials about how they communicated with Europe amid a firestorm of protest over the U.S. decision to deploy nukes in Germany.

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