August 7 at 10:30am & 7:30pm

KCFR Presents Author Andres Dubus III at the Boulder Book Store
hosted by Dan Drayer

Author Andre Dubus III

Interview with Andres Dubus III
KCFR Presents with Andres Dubus III Part 1
KCFR Presents with Andres Dubus III Part 2

Web Extras
Dubus reads from The Garden of Last days
Dubus on creating multi-dimensional fictional characters.
Dubus on the movie version of House of Sand and Fog
Dubus on "bad fathers."
Dubus on book reviews.
Dubus responds to question on Greek Tragedy.
The "good guys" and "bad guys" in House of Sand and Fog.

Colorado Public Radio News features author Andre Dubus III in discussion with host Dan Drayer.

Recorded in June at the Boulder Book Store, Andre Dubus talks with Dan Drayer about his newest book, The Garden of Last Days. The novel is set on the Gulf coast of Florida five days before 9/11.

Drayer and Dubus will also discuss how Hollywood adapted the author's best-seller novel,  House of Sand and Fog.

Andre Dubus is the author of Bluesman in addition to other stories. He has won a Guggenheim Fellowship and was awarded a Pushcart Prize.

This live audience recording event is a part of an ongoing author series on KCFR Presents hosted by Dan Drayer.

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