Previous CDs of the Week from 2008!


12-15-2008:  Best Carols 100 / Various

Best Carols 100, is the perfect Christmas release - 6 CDs of the most famous carols, all for the price of 1 full price disc! Among the vocal groups found on this release are the Choir of King's College, Cambridge, the Taverner Choir, the Bach Choir and the Wiener Sängerknaben, while star soloists include Roberto Alagna, Thomas Hampson, Barbara Hendricks, Hermann Prey, and Kiri Te Kanawa. This is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who enjoys holiday music   Purchase now at Arkivmusic!  

11-17-2008:  Alison Balsom Haydn - Hummel Trumpet Concertos

Great Britain has been turning out young female sensational players at an astonishing rate in recent years, and Alison Balsom is at the top of the group. She plays the trumpet like an fiery angel and leaves you wanting more. Audiences for these pieces all across the world have clapped so long after her performances as to demand an encore. See what all the fuss is about with this terrific new recording of beloved trumpet concertos.  It's on sale this week at Arkivmusic!  

11-10-2008:  Home For The Harvest - Music For Thanksgiving

Nature’s abundance — this is what harvest festivals around the world have celebrated from time immemorial. But America’s great harvest festival, Thanksgiving, celebrates something else besides. Ever since Pilgrim newcomer and native Wampanoag sat together at a common table in the fall of 1621, Thanksgiving has been a reminder of our deep connection to family, friends, neighbors and (as the Founding Fathers would put it) Nature’s God.

 This special Thanksgiving album is intended as a musical companion to our multifaceted feast day, featuring works by some of our country’s most lauded composers, from hither and yon across the states and the decades. Some of their contributions are instrumental, others vocal. Some are symphonic excerpts, others dance tunes, spirituals or hymns. Some gleam with the burnish of the early 1800s, while even those of more recent date have the soft, rich rustle of nostalgia about them.  Click here to purchase a copy from our friends at Arkivmusic  

11-03-2008:  5 Stars - Favorites From The 5 Browns

Five Steinway piano wunderkinds. All Julliard trained! Desirae, Deondra, Gregory, Melody, and Ryan Brown are the real thing and they dazzle in the "best of" recording.  Click here to purchase

10-27-2008:  Xuefei Yang, 40 Degrees North

Xuefei Yang was the first guitarist to graduate from Beijing's Central Conservatory of Music. She then went to London's Royal Academy of Music and became the first Chinese classical guitarist to study in the West. Gramophone Magazine picked this CD as their "Editor's Choice" disc in July, saying "this is one of the most satisfying and well thought-out classical guitar programmes I've heard in a long while, and not just because its musical trajectory is so beautifully managed; Yang's playing exhibits that kind of subtle intelligence that makes even the most disparate elements seem effortlessly to cohere."  Click here to purchase this CD from our partners at

10-13-2008:  Jonathan Biss, Mozart: Piano Concerto No 21 & 22

"What Jonathan Biss writes about Mozart in the recording’s booklet is so inspired, so just, that I was biased in his favour before hearing a note. His performance, as soloist and as the director of the excellent Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, in no way disappoints. These are outstanding interpretations, the interplay of soloist and orchestra that of equals in complete sympathy, the contrasting character of the two concertos and the constant changes of mood within each work felt and communicated with delight and impeccable judgement. Biss’s cadenzas, too, are well judged, as is his ornamentation – not imposed on the music, but springing naturally out of it. Interestingly, he hardly decorates the C major’s magical andante at all – which, if not correct, seems to me absolutely right."  Click here to purchase this CD from our partners at

10-07-2008:  The Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligenkreuz, Chant

Chant, is the most peaceful music imaginable. Chant: Music for the Soul, is the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief - the perfect antidote to our fast-moving modern world. Chant has proven to heal, calm and also give strength; its power is timeless and universal. CHANT: MUSIC FOR THE SOUL is resonant, celestrial music with one foot in traditional Gregorian chant and another in heaven. The texts are derived from the traditional liturgy in Latin, but the singing is freer and more organic than some traditional Gregorian chants. Solemn, otherworldly, and extremely beautiful, these hypnotic pieces will transport anyone with a predisposition toward traditional Christian chanting, but may also appeal to anyone with an ear for textured, layered vocal work.   Click here to purchase this CD from our partners at

09-29-2008:  Midori, The Essential Midori

It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since the teenage phenom Midori dazzled audiences around the world with her first recording with Pinchas Zukerman.  Her art has grown and blossomed over these last 20 years and Sony has compiled 19 stellar performances on this 2 CD set.  This week on KVOD, we pay tribute to the great violinist Midori.
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09-22-2008:  Simone Dinnerstein

Dinnerstein chose this program because of how the pieces speak to each another, and because of their relationship to the music of Bach. "My hope with this concert was to program a group of pieces that would contrast with and relate to each other, despite being separated by hundreds of years," she explains. "So much music written since Bach has been influenced by him, and the Beethoven and the Lasser recorded here are no exceptions. Philip Lasser's variations on the very dark Bach chorale, Nimm von uns, Herr, du treuer Gott (Take from us, Lord, Thou faithful God), draw on Bach's intense and meditative side. Lasser's writing is intricately crafted and encompasses a range of styles, from a contrapuntal energy reminiscent of Bach, to French Impressionism and even jazz. Beethoven's Opus 111 sounds surprisingly contemporary in this company. The first movement looks ahead to Liszt and the second movement, with its set of variations on a chorale-like arietta, looks back to Bach and !
 ahead to jazz. All three works are densely layered, but also have a sense of freedom and directness of expression. Though they span almost 300 years, in many ways, to me, they each feel grounded in the present."
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09-15-2008:  Lang Lang, Chopin: Piano Concertos No 1 & 2

The long-awaited and highly anticipated recording of Lang Lang performing Chopin's Piano Concertos nos. 1 & 2 has arrived. Both concertos are among the most beloved in the repertoire and Lang Lang's many concert performances frequently receive the highest praise. Lang Lang is joined by Zubin Mehta and the Vienna Philharmonic in a brilliant pairing of talent and temperament. This is sure to become a benchmark recording of these beloved concertos. Lang Lang has sold over 100,000 CDs in the US alone and will be on tour September to November throughout the US, including many performances of the Chopin concertos.

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09-08-2008:  Rachel Barton Pine, Beethoven, Clement: Violin Concertos

Violinist Rachel Barton Pine is a performer, educator and musical detective. In her CD released this week, she discovers a concerto that hasn't been publicly performed in over 200 years.  Franz Clement was a friend of Beethoven's. In fact, this violin concerto was the headline piece at a concert in 1805 that also saw the premiere of Beethoven's 3rd Symphony - The Eroica!
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09-01-2008:  Joshua Bell, Four Seasons


Grammy Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell, who has enchanted audiences for two decades with his breathtaking playing and tone of rare opulence, has recorded Antonio Vivaldi’s concertos The Four Seasons. Widely considered as one of the premiere violinists of his generation, Bell is joined on this studio release by the celebrated musicians of the Academy of St.Martin in the Fields, who toured the work with him prior to the recording sessions. This recording of The Four Seasons is coupled with another masterpiece of Baroque virtuosity, Giuseppe Tartini’s The Devil’s Trill. The liner notes by Linda Kobler explain the curious genesis of Tartini’s piece and the indisputable place of Vivaldi’s concertos in the history of sonata composition.

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08-25-2008:  Shannon Lee, Introducing Shannon Lee

Fourteen year old Shannon Lee is the newest sensation on violin.  She made her debut with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra when she was just twelve!  In a front page article, The Dallas Morning News exclaimed, “When she started to play, her maturity and skill suddenly placed her artistic age far beyond her calendar one.”   In her debut recording she plays show stoppers like Bazzini's "Dance of the Goblins" and timeless beauties like Elgar's Salut d'amour.  Click here to purchase this CD from our partners at