March 22 - March 28, 2010
"Alice in Wonderland Ballet"

Just as Tim Burton's new film starring Johnny Depp hits theaters this month, we offer you another delightful surprise - a Tchaikovsky ballet based on Alice in Wonderland, which seems as much an illusion as the subject of Lewis Carroll's classic tale.  In 1995, the English National Ballet commissioned American-born conductor and composer, Carl Davis for a full-length ballet set to the fantastical story, with one catch.  He had to use the music of Tchaikovsky.  The final product was a masterful new hit using lesser-known, but infinitely danceable melodies from Tchaikovsky's Album for the Young, chamber & theater music, tone poems, and The Tempest (for Alice's fateful fall down the rabbit hole).  It's sure to become yet another of Tchaikovsky ballet treasures, even if he didn't know he wrote it.  On sale this week at