CD of the Week | Christmas Tradition: Canadian Brass

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Some of the early Christmas recordings by the Canadian Brass have endured as treasured annual favorites for households around the world.  Long out-of-print, the Canadian Brass brought these endearing renditions back to life in a 2007 recording.  Coupled with new holiday arrangements, this collection became a classic all its own: Christmas Tradition: Canadian Brass.  


Rosedale United Church in the North Rosedale neighbourhood of Toronto was selected as the recording venue for both its beautiful, resonant nave, and of course its remarkable Casavant organ. This 1914 organ already had a wonderful reputation before it was painstakingly restored and updated in 2005. It is very apparent that this organ yields a brilliant, contemporary timbre perfectly attuned to the modern brass instruments.


It's simply a classic that you'll find yourself playing every holiday season!


CD of the Week | Christmas Tradition: Canadian Brass


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