CD of the Week | Home for the Harvest, Music for Thanksgiving


Nature’s abundance — this is what harvest festivals around the world have celebrated from time immemorial. But America’s great harvest festival, Thanksgiving, celebrates something else besides. Ever since Pilgrim newcomer and native Wampanoag sat together at a common table in the fall of 1621, Thanksgiving has been a reminder of our deep connection to family, friends, neighbors and (as the Founding Fathers would put it) Nature’s God.

Home for the Harvest is intended as a musical companion to our multifaceted feast day, featuring works by some of our country’s most lauded composers, from hither and yon across the states and the decades. Some of their contributions are instrumental, others vocal. Some are symphonic excerpts, others dance tunes, spirituals or hymns. Some gleam with the burnish of the early 1800s, while even those of more recent date have the soft, rich rustle of nostalgia about them.

Home for the Harvest was such a hit last year at Thanksgiving that we felt compelled to feature it again.  Enjoy.


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