CD of the Week | My First Beethoven Album


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We're celebrating our annual instrument drive with a disc especially for kids: My First Beethoven Album.



It's a part of the "My First" album series from Naxos, encouraging kids to begin a lifelong journey through classical music.  Each selection is carefully tailored for younger listeners, and includes famous tracks as well as unexpected gems, including the Symphony #5, Fur Elise, Fidelio, "Moonlight" Sonata, and more.  The booklet includes information on each piece of music.

From the liner notes: Beethoven was a musical giant. He wasn’t taller or fatter than everyone else, but his music is big and his name is important. Beethoven is like the Olympic champion of classical music. Some of the music he wrote is strong and serious, and some of it is very gentle. Listen to orchestras, pianos, violins and other instruments playing some of the most famous pieces of all!


CD of the Week | My First Beethoven Album


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