CD of the Week | My First Classical Music Album


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We're celebrating the first week of our annual instrument drive, with a disc especially for children: My First Classical Music Album.

It's a part of the "My First" album series from Naxos, encouraging kids to begin a lifelong journey through classical music.  Each selection is carefully tailored for younger listeners, and includes famous tracks as well as unexpected gems, including Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Mozart's The Magic Flute, and Rossini's William Tell.  The booklet includes information on each piece of music.

From the disc's liner notes: ‘Da-da-da-DAAAAH, Da-da-da-DAAAAH’: the start of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is really famous. See if you recognize it! It’s just one of many popular pieces here. There are some animals, too—an elephant and a swan. And right at the end, guess which boy wizard joins the party…Come and join it too!



CD of the Week | My First Classical Music Album


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