Eric Whitacre debuted his Virtual Choir 2.0, featuring 2000+ singers from 58 countries around the world including 33 from Colorado.  Each singer uploaded their individual computer recordings to Whitacre's song "Sleep".  His team went through the complex process of producing them all together and will unveil the result on YouTube to his many fans around the world.  TheVirtual Choir 2.0 was heard on Colorado Public Radio's classical stations as it debuted on the internet.   Here is the YouTube Virtual Choir 2.0 link to Eric Whitacre's Sleep.

You can hear comments from Whitacre and from a few of the 33 Colorado singers in Virtual Choir 2.0 on our classical music stations.  Ryan Warner, host of Colorado Public Radio News' Colorado Matters, will interview Whitacre on Friday's show at 10am and 7pm.