New CD of the Week | Air: The Bach Album

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Anne Akiko Meyers is celebrated as one of the world's premiere concert violinists, described as a 'trailblazing violinist', one who is constantly 'charting her own course.' She has recently collaborated with top jazz artists such as Chris Botti, pop singing sensation Il Divo and jazz legend Wynton Marsalis. 

On this new recording of Bach's masterpieces for violin and orchestra, alongside the two concertos for violin, Meyers has recorded the Concerto for Two Violins, performing both parts on her two Stradivari violins: her recently acquired Ex-Napoleon Molitor Stradivarius, and the Royal Spanish Stradivarius, heard on her last two recordings. 

Also included on this disc are exquisite new arrangements of the "Air" from the Suite No. 3 and the Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria." Meyers is quoted as saying, "It was magical recording the Bach album with the English Chamber Orchestra. The special combination of beautiful repertoire, including 'Air', 'Largo' and 'Ave Maria', the Violin Concertos, and the fresh take of recording both parts of the Double Concerto on 2 different Strads was pure joy to make!"

On the Concerto for Two Violins, Meyers recorded one solo part in London with the English Chamber Orchestra, and the other in New York with headphones several months later, listening to her first recording as she played.

Meyers told NPR's All Things Considered: "I played the first violin part on the Molitor Strad, and then I did the second violin part on the Royal Spanish Strad." She says she thought carefully about which violin to pair with which part. "The Royal Spanish has a little more masculine tone to it. 'Molly,' as I call her, has a very pure, beautiful, crystalline voice." So Meyers plays the first violin part on the Molitor, while the lower bass notes are on the Royal Spanish.  Hear the full NPR interview here.

New CD of the Week | Air: The Bach Album

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