Many golden hues form the color of the leaves that lay scattered all around. A child's laughter rings out as he jumps on a heaped pile of discarded leaves. Lovers walking hand in hand are oblivious to the sound of crunching under their feet as they walk a well trodden path. These are the sights and sounds of autumn.

In the Park is an exciting new compilation series featuring recordings from the world-renowned vaults of EMI Classics. The first title in the series, In the Park. Autumn, is a sweeping compilation that evokes a beautiful autumn day in the park. The collection not only brings thoughts of pumpkins, homemade pies, raking leaves, crackling fires and steamy hot cider but also reminds us why autumn is the season of magic, joy and love.

Autumn In the Park features renowned classical and jazz artists including Sarah Chang, Leslie Garrett, Aldo Ciccolini, Leif Ove Andsnes, and Chet Baker. Composers have long been influenced by the sights, sounds and moods of autumn. Enjoy this collection of some of the greatest piece of music that will help to transport you to a relaxed state and let you enjoy autumn in the park.

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