New CD of the Week | Bach on a Steinway


Steinway & Sons launches its own record label with this stunning debut of keyboard works by Johann Sebastian Bach.  Jeffrey Biegel brings a sparkle to these Baroque gems (see his mesmerizing performance here), engineered and produced by 15-time Grammy winner Steven Epstein at the Performing Arts Center at SUNY Purchase, NY.

Steinway & Sons has dominated the piano manufacturing industry since its 1853 founding in New York City.  That elusive sound, captured brilliantly on Bach on a Steinway, has also won over the greats from Rachmaninoff to Irving Berlin, Horowitz to Lang Lang, jazz legend, Duke Ellington to pop star, Billy Joel.  It's why Colorado Public Radio's state-of-the art performance studio houses a Steinway Grand Model D (9 feet long), Biegel among the distinguished pianists who has played it.  Perhaps master Bach himself would have preferred a Steinway had he the luxury of playing the modern-day piano.  In lieu of knowing, we'll just have to imagine.  Bach on a Steinway is a convincing case.


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