Air: A Baroque Journey
Air sets out to trace a baroque journey. It is the story of four unique composers, three of whom were virtuoso violinists--Falconiero, Matteis and Geminiani from Italy, and Westhoff from Germany. They wandered throughout Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries in search of musical inspiration and cross-pollination, and their music and art of performance intrigued and delighted kings, contemporaries and audiences alike. This album shows how diverse the music of the baroque era was. Air: A Baroque Journeyblends the simplest and at times most primitive forms of dance music with the most sophisticated and revolutionary compositions of the day, culminating in a work by Bach--the great master, whose composition is Daniel Hope's inspiration for this collection which also includes hits like Pachelbel's Canon and Handel's Sarabande.  It's on sale this week at