New CD of the Week | My First Mozart Album

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It's Kids' Music Week, and we're celebrating with a disc featuring one of the most famous child prodigies of all time.

My First Mozart Album is a part of the "My First" album series from Naxos, encouraging kids to begin a lifelong journey through classical music.  Each selection is carefully tailored for younger listeners, and includes famous tracks as well as unexpected gems, including The Marriage of Figaro, Eine kleine Nachtmusik, A Musical Joke, and many more. The booklet includes information on each piece of music.

From the CD liner notes:

If you listen carefully to this CD, you will get to know one of the best composers in the world. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived 250 years ago but he carries on being famous — so he must have been special. He giggled a lot. He was also good at playing the piano and the violin. And he wrote this amazing music, which people still love hearing today. See if you love hearing it too!

New CD of the Week | My First Mozart Album

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