November 15 at 10:30am & 7:30pm

KCFR Presents: One Book, One Denver Studio Event
hosted by Dan Drayer


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One Book, One Denver Studio Event

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Nick Arvin reads from Articles of War
Student Question: The time it took to write the novel
Student Question: The human cost of war
Nick Arvin reacts to discussion

KCFR Presents will offer a discussion with Denver high school students and author Nick Arvin recorded in the Colorado Public Radio performance studio. The conversation about young people and war airs Thursday, November 15, at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Author of "Articles of War," Nick Arvin, and a group of students from Thomas Jefferson High School, who read the book through the 2007 “One Book, One Denver” program, join host Dan Drayer in a round-table discussion about what it means to be a young person faced with going to war.

Participating Thomas Jefferson High School juniors and senior students include Jack Bain; Michael DeGregori; Chris Wolter; Briana Haliburton; and Alex Barkov.

Published in 2005, "Articles of War" is the fourth "One Book, One Denver" selection, and was named book of the year by Esquire magazine, The Detroit Free Press, and The Rocky Mountain News. Other awards include the Colorado Book Award; the Rosenthal Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters; and the Boyd Award from the American Library Association.

"One Book, One Denver" was established by the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs and a diverse group of educational, arts and literary organizations to spark citywide discussion around important issues of the day. All of Denver is encouraged to read the annual book selection and participate in related community activities through mid-November. Read more. 


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News Feature: One Book, One Denver 
"Articles of War", this year's selection for One Book, One Denver, was chosen for its literary value, not its connection to current events, says Mayor John Hickenlooper. KCFR's Mike Lamp talks with the Mayor, and Denver author Nick Arvin.
(First broadcast October 1, 2007.)

Author Nick Arvin
Denver writer Nick Arvin talks about his first novel, "Articles Of War," based on the true story of Eddie Slovik the only man executed for desertion during World War II. (First broadcast March 15, 2005.)

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