Sundays at 2pm & Mondays at 9pm 2009

The Promised Land

January 18 & 19
Martin Lutheer King Tribute
n The Promised Land: Different Takes on the Legacy of Martin Luther King, activist Majora Carter takes a fresh look at the reach of King's influence. Some of the most interesting voices in civil rights today weigh in and help us gauge how far we've come. Meet a minister who suggests that King's legacy holds no meaning for today's children, and author and activist Dr. Vincent Harding, who recalls his association with Dr. King. Find out how King's dream has expanded beyond the black community through the work of Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers union, and Judy Bonds, a rural white woman fighting mountaintop mining.

April 26 & 27
Earth Day Special

From the Bronx to Belfast to Los Angeles, The Promised Land: Earth Day Special with host Majora Carter navigates the intersection of environmental, social, and health issues. Learn why the new Yankee Stadium has raised questions about the use of community resources; how a £30 million project will bring hope to Northern Ireland's abandoned middle ground; and why an L.A. organization called TreePeople wants the infrastructure of our cities to look more like the infrastructure of our forests. And listen as longtime environmental activist Robert Redford weighs in on where he thinks we're headed.

September 6 & 7
The Promised Land - Work in Progress
Host Majora Carter takes up the subject of work — work by visionaries whose influence changes lives and transforms communities. Join Majora as she meets the next generation of urban farmers, goes behind the scenes for the greening of Hollywood, talks green jobs with White House advisor Van Jones, and rides the rails with the Pullman Porters.

The Promised Land presentations are part of the weekly documentary series Showcase, Sundays at 2pm and Mondays at 9pm.