Colorado Public Radio News needs a digital producer who can bring fresh thinking, energy, urgency, and dependable, demonstrated chops to a new desk position in a growing newsroom. That’s right, a growing newsroom. How often do you hear those words together these days?

What would you do? Deliver smart, accurate, fast coverage to our evening digital audiences. You’ll know what it means to edit and produce audience-first, mobile-first news. You’ll also help coach a legacy newsroom’s culture change.

Here’s what the right candidate would be able to do everyday:

  • See what the newsroom is working on or make your own suggestions, quickly identify stories that could sing for a digital, mobile-centric audience, then jump right in to lead, guide, edit and produce your work, often while unsupervised.
  • Advocate for coverage that goes beyond predictable words on web pages and link dumps on social. If a story is better suited to a video, a photo gallery, interactive dataviz, text questions,  gifs, Facebook live, whatever, you’ll be the one to ask for it and drive it.
  • Embrace collaboration with reporters and producers, but also seek opportunities to report from the desk and build coverage in ways that respect the audiences on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms.
  • Bring that same digital know-how and work ethic to our flagship talk show, Colorado Matters. Help a smart, ambitious team quickly and efficiently identify and build out and publish conversations most likely to resonate with audiences.
  • Help us turn our social media channels into true hubs of indispensable news and community engagement. Understand how and why these audiences differ, tailor your work to meet their expectations, listen and engage with them all the time.
  • Track metrics to understand our audience, use that data to better help us grow and deepen our reach and engagement, and coach reporters and editors how to think about and react to the numbers. The numbers matter. You’ll advocate for that too.
  • Champion cross-platform journalism. Play an integral role in the evolution of our newsroom staff, providing inspiration and training that pushes us to innovate and grow.
  • Urge radio reporters and producers to reach outside their comfort zones, and help train them and coach them so that they can succeed.
  • Embrace experimentation and innovation so that our storytelling is always growing and adapting to new experiences and reader behavior.

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