Colorado Public Radio is seeking an experienced journalist with a management background to join its expanding newsroom as a Morning Editor. The Morning Editor kickstarts the newsroom in the morning, identifying, assigning and implementing daily coverage for Colorado Public Radio News; assigns a team of news magazine hosts and reporters to develop engaging, timely and relevant daily content; and works with newsroom leadership to set and execute overall coverage priorities for CPR's audience.

Essential responsibilities:

  • Identify, assign and edit daily content including digital stories, newscast material, quick turn features and two-ways.
  • Work with reporters and hosts to develop engaging and relevant daily content for CPR’s audience through two-ways and news spots while coordinating resources closely with the news director and the editorial team.
  • Set and manage deadlines for this content (immediate digital stories, quick turn features, two-ways, newscasts).
  • Prepare and share the daily news lineup with the newsroom in a timely manner through daybooks.
  • Work with newsroom leadership to set and execute overall coverage priorities, manage the allocation of resources, provide guidance on quality and guide ethical decision-making.
  • Supervise and coach news hosts by setting goals, reviewing on-air performance regularly, providing consistent feedback and identifying professional development opportunities. 

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