A 12-month look at Hillary Clinton's Colorado monthly fundraising through June 2016. Source: FEC.

(Ben Markus/CPR News)

Colorado donors are warming to Donald Trump, sort of. Contributions to his campaign from Colorado increased sharply from May to June, according to FEC records.

But Trump's $147,364.62 haul in June is just a fifth of what Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raised in Colorado last month:  $714,523.13.

Twelve-month look at Donald Trump's Colorado fundraising, through June 2016. Source: FEC.

(Ben Markus/CPR News)

June was also Clinton's best month yet for campaign contributions from Colorado, and she is still well ahead of Trump in overall fundraising here, by an 18-1 margin. 

Both candidates benefited from having all but locked up the nominations by June. Primary rivals, like Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Ted Cruz, were drawing money away from the front runners through the spring and early summer months. 

Denver contributors showed up for Trump last month, adding nearly $38,910.16 to his campaign. Colorado Springs donors followed, with $12,814.84.

For Clinton the top cities remain Denver, Boulder, and Aspen, in that order. Donors in those cities contributed more than half of the total Colorado dollars to her campaign.