A rendering of an underground luxury development located on the plains of Kansas. 

Photo: Logic Integration

Predictions about how the world will end are as old as the world itself.

But these days, a growing number of people are putting down big bucks for a secure place to live in case of a world-ending disaster.

Colorado-based Logic Integration helped design the high-tech luxury condo building, which looks like an expensive, 14-story high-rise.

What’s different, however, is that the 14 floors are tunneled into the ground.

“You walk in the main entrance, past the security, and you’re wowed by a pool, there’s an indoor dog-walking park, there’s a grocery store,” Logic Integration's founder and CEO Shawn Hansson said.

All of the residences are on the lower levels. 

Logic Integration won an award earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas for the design. 

The company did the technology for the development, which was built in an abandoned military silo in an undisclosed location in Kansas.

The buyers have to have deep pockets: Each unit costs $2,500,000.

“The people who have purchased these are from all over the world, and they already have a place in Maui, they have a place in Manhattan, so this is the next big thing,” Hansson said.

A similar development is under construction somewhere else in Kansas and is scheduled to open next year.