Denver Children’s Home, currently located at Albion and Colfax.

(Photo: Courtesy of Brian Sands)

The Denver Orphan Home was founded in 1876 by the Ladies Relief Society. It was meant to provide care for the orphans who had been brought to Colorado to work on railroads and in mines. The young souls who passed through its walls have littered the charitable organization’s past with sad events.

Now known as the Denver Children’s Home, the organization still provides youth services to the community. But the unfortunate history of this 138-year-old organization includes numerous exorcisms, a fire that claimed the lives of several children and the spirit of a sullen, lonely bride that wanders the halls. 
The haunted happenings at the Denver Children’s Home include details of distant cries, whimpers and the voices of children.
Similar to how "American Horror Story" has incorporated the untimely loss of children into all three of its seasons, the heartbreaking story of orphan kids who perished in a building fire and the ghosts of these young, unfulfilled souls would provide a new perspective for the series.
The use of children as labor in mines and on railroads in this country’s history would add a layer of grim truth to the "American Horror Story" narrative framework.

With the return of FX’s "American Horror Story: Coven" from winter hiatus, we examine the possibilities for a Denver-based season of the series


Alli Sands is a Denver native who has been contributing to various local media outlets for over a decade.