Christopher Lloyd stars in Arnold Grossman's "The Boat Builder."

(Courtesy of Ron Koeberer/Reunion Film)

He may be land-locked now, but Denver writer and director Arnold Grossman has a love of the sea -- as does the main character in his new film, "The Boat Builder." It follows a cranky old sea captain named Abner, played by Christopher Lloyd, who's probably best known for his role as Doc Brown in "Back to the Future." Abner softens a little when an orphan stumbles onto his property. Together, they dream about sailing off in a boat they build together. 

Denver writer, author and director Arnold Grossman

(Courtesy of Arnold Grossman)

This is Grossman's first feature film. He's had many gigs before this, though: such as writing for an episode of the long-running television show "The Love Boat" and working with Colorado politicians Gary Hart and Patricia Schroeder. "The Boat Builder" screens Nov. 13 - 15 during the 2015 Denver Film Festival. Grossman spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.

Listen to a song from the film:

Audio: Andy Palmer performs "Salining Now"

Denver musician Andy Palmer composed and performed "Sailing Now." Grossman wrote the lyrics.