At the 2014 Winter Olympics you can see ski racing, ski jumping and ski halfpipe. One sport you won't see is skijoring, where a horse or a dog pulls a skier. It was an Olympic exhibition sport in the 1928 Winter Games in Switzerland but failed to catch on.

While it's not one of the events in Sochi, skijoring is still popular in Colorado, where at least four skijoring events are held each year, including one last weekend in Silverton, Colo.

The most competitive might be Leadville's annual festival, which started in 1949. It's set to take place March 1-2, 2014. And in mid-March, there’s a skijoring event in Minturn.

Paul Copper has helped organize the Leadville festival for the last couple of decades, and he's participated as both a skier and a horseback rider. He says skijoring is unlike any other ski sport.

"When you're skiing downhill you just casually take off and let gravity pull you," Copper said. "But behind a horse, in three lunges that horse is at about 40 miles per hour."