Larkin Poynton

(Photo: Courtesy of Larkin Poynton)

"Resolution" is improvised and performed by hip-hop dancer Larkin Poynton and guitarist Michael Roach, two Colorado artists who are frequent collaborators. The music is composed and performed by Michael Roach. 

Artist Statement

Through this piece, we hope to create a longing for connection by virtue of juxtaposition. Using the freestyle roots of hip-hop, "Resolution" will meld the athleticism of urban dance with the artistry of acoustic guitar. It will allow viewers and listeners alike to connect to the piece inside them that is unplanned, unmapped and unpredictable. Like us, viewers and listeners will be able to surrender themselves to chance and an unprecedented feeling of freedom.

Listen closely, and the sounds of the dance will emerge like the squeaks of street shoes or the subtle sounds of friction created between skin and the floor.