The  CEO of the Institute of Life and Care in Greenwood Village Nancy Markham Bugbee (center) meets with other faculty at the institute.

(Photo: Courtesy of Institute of Life and Care)

Many people suffer from long term illnesses or conditions from which they'll never recover.
Experts say those who provide care for those who most need it can see their own health erode, too. Yet these people -- caregivers -- may be reluctant to ask for help.
"It’s often because they are compassionate people and that’s why they got into a helping profession," says Nancy Markham Bugbee of the Institute for Life and Care in Greenwood Village. "Yet they aren’t always compassionate with themselves. They see themselves as tough and strong and not in need of help."
The Institute for Life and Care teaches stress-management to medical practioners, clergy, nurses, family, friends and other caregivers.
Bugbee adds that the stress caregivers face can have far reaching effects for patients and everyone involved with them.
It’s not just long-term illnesses or end of life situations that generate stress for caregivers. They face all kinds of daily challenges and caregivers, she says, don't always recognize the toll their work is taking on them.