(Photo: Flickr/slightly everything)

As humans, we're attracted to certain quotations. Maybe it’s our desire to find meaning in life. In our series “Words That Speak to Me,” Coloradans are sharing sayings that mean a great deal to them. These words come from John Macartney, who wrote to us from Pueblo:

"The hurrier I go the behinder I get!"
They were spoken by his late grandmother Hazel Macartney.   John still remembers, as a young boy, hearing the phrase.
"Grandma Mac was pulling on her [support] hose and I was nagging her to go to the park soon," he recalls.  "Grandma put her fingernail through the hose and was displeased." 
Now in his 50s, John says the words from his childhood still speak to him today. 
"I am bipolar and often speed up and lose concentration," he explains.  "I try to remember these words and act on them before I make a mistake."

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