Songwriter Showcase: Jesse Elliott

Last Thursday, OpenAir hosted its first Singer Songwriter Showcase at Artwork Network on Santa Fe as part of our two year anniversary celebration. The enlightening and unique event gathered four of Colorado’s finest songwriters for an inside look at the creative process behind their individual music, as well as to celebrate the spirit of collaboration. Each musician was given 24 hours to write a song based on the phrase “Never say help” as part of our listener lyric contest, which was then performed live for the first time on Thursday evening. If you weren’t in the audience that night, you’re still in luck: OpenAir recorded each original song from all four musicians, and we will be showcasing a new performance each day this week!

Our first “Never Say Help” song comes from Jesse Elliott of Ark Life. Elliott moved to Denver last year while his Brooklyn-based band These United States took a hiatus. Luckily, his break from music did not last long when he formed Ark Life, a band that infuses indie folk with stunning harmonies. His original composition for the Singer Songwriter Showcase is the most humorous of the lot. Check out the video above!

Be sure to check out the OpenAir website each day this week for another video from the excellent musicians at our Showcase celebration!