Bachelor's degree, music performance, Northern Kentucky University; Master's degree, music performance, University of Nebraska – Omaha. Certificate of Proficiency, The School for Creative and Performing Arts - Cincinnati.

Professional background:
Although she has only been involved in public radio for the last eight years, Kristi is no stranger to classical music. With a Master’s degree in music performance, Kristi has been an active musician for several years. She has performed with the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, the Sioux City Symphony, the Northern Kentucky Symphony, and the Northern Kentucky Chamber Players. Kristi’s solo credits include performances of oboe concerti and English horn works with the St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, the Sochi, Krasnodar, and Arkangelsk Chamber Orchestras, and the Maikop Philharmonic (all in Russia), as well as with the Seven Hills Sinfonietta (Cincinnati) and Omaha Municipal Orchestra. In July 2008 she performed pieces composed by her husband, Christopher, with him at the International Double Reed Society’s annual conference.

In her own words ...

Why I became a musician:
I became a musician because I cannot imagine being anything else. From the first few notes in grade school through high school and college degrees and this week’s rehearsals, music has been an integral part of my life. It is something I share with my conductor/composer husband, Christopher, and life would be quite empty without it.

Why I got into radio:
What better way to share my passion for music with the world than through radio? It’s easily accessible to everyone, and I love the thought that at any time someone listening might discover something new and wonderful because of the music I have chosen.

How I ended up at CPR:
I started in radio with a part time air shift at KVNO – Omaha when working on my Master’s and found that I really enjoyed sharing classical music with a new kind of audience for me, an audience with the world as their concert hall. When the music director position opened, I immediately applied. From there, I became a music programmer for the Classical Public Radio Network, and that led me to my current position as music director of Colorado Public Radio.