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  1. Tyto Alba Performs Music From Sophomore EP 'In Our Own Time' At CPR's OpenAir

    Tyto Alba draws its sound from folk and experimental rock influences. The Denver quartet formed in 2014 and released in March its second EP, "In Our Own Time." Singer Melanie Steinway says the record chronicles a relationship from early infatuation to an eventual breakup. Tyto Alba stopped into the CPR Performance Studio for the first time earlier this month. The members played three songs and spoke with Scott Carney about how the band came together and its recent "Tyto Eclipse of the Heart" tour of the Pacific Northwest.
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  2. U.S. Tygers Perform Songs From New Country-Influenced EP At CPR's OpenAir

    U.S. Tygers is a young band, but its members are established local musicians. The Denver quintet features several members of jazz-punk group Champagne Charlie. U.S. Tygers' music leans more towards country and Americana rock, with heavy use of lap steel guitar. The band released its debut album last year and followed it up with the "High, Wasted Genes" EP in July. U.S. Tygers stopped into the CPR Performance Studio to play songs from the new EP as well as a brand new song. The members spoke with Jeremy Petersen about the definition of the so-called "Hashville" genre, recording at the Queen City Sound studio in Denver and the personal subject material of "High, Wasted Genes."
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  3. Plume Varia Returns To CPR's OpenAir With Debut Album 'Fact | Fiction'

    When Plume Varia visited CPR's OpenAir in 2015, the band shared its plans to record a debut album with producer David J of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets after meeting him in Denver. The husband-and-wife duo released that album this month. It's called "Fact | Fiction" and features moody experimental pop songs. Just before the album's release, Plume Varia returned to the CPR Performance Studio. Members Shon and Cherie Cobbs played three songs and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about recording with David J in Texas, how the HBO comedy series "Girls" influenced the album and their surprise collaboration with a former member of Nine Inch Nails.
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  4. Andy Thomas' Dust Heart Takes A New Direction With 'No Poets'

    Andy Thomas established himself in the Denver music scene with bands like The Knew and Tin Horn Prayer. His latest venture -- Andy Thomas' Dust Heart -- finds the singer and guitarist writing Americana-rock that often veers into dark territory. But the band's latest record, "No Poets," is a more lighthearted release that Thomas wrote over the course of a year of sobriety. Andy Thomas' Dust Heart stopped into the CPR Performance Studio last month. Thomas performed four songs and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the "life-affirming and positive" direction of the new record, collaborating with his wife in the band and his work for the new Levitt Pavilion in Denver.
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  5. Flaural Returns To CPR's OpenAir After A Successful Year

    When Flaural visited our studio in 2015, the Denver psych-rock band had just formed a few months beforehand and played only one show. But the band members had established specific goals: release some EPs, go on tour and play some festival dates. Flaural has since accomplished each of those goals and established themselves in the Denver music scene. The band members returned to CPR's OpenAir to play some new music and speak with Jeremy Petersen about staying busy during their first full year as a band, their recent recording sessions in California and their ambitions for the new year.
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  6. GVgrace Is The Collaboration Of Two Notable Colorado Artists

    GVgrace features two of Colorado's most notable independent musicians in recent years. The married duo of Genevieve Patterson (Paper Bird) and Griff Snyder (Inner Oceans) creates lively synth-pop with the new project. The two have relocated to Los Angeles but are back in Denver this week for a set at the Underground Music Showcase. ​GVgrace stopped by the CPR Performance Studio last month to play three new songs. Patterson and Snyder also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the band's origin, getting involved with the L.A. music scene and running the Guilty Pleasure record label.
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  7. Male Blonding Returns To CPR's OpenAir With Debut LP

    When Male Blonding last visited CPR's OpenAir, the Denver band had just released its self-produced "Tiny Death" EP on cassette tape. In the year since, the quartet has recorded its debut full-length in Oakland, Calif. The self-titled LP continues in the post-punk style of previous releases. Male Blonding performed three new songs in the CPR Performance Studio last month. The members also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about working with a producer for the first time, the themes of discomfort on the album and playing the Underground Music Showcase in Denver this month.
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  8. Snapshots From Westword Music Showcase 2017: Shakey Graves, Cut Copy, Bob Moses

    The annual day of music in Denver's Golden Triangle neighborhood hosted more than 75 bands at a dozen venues.
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  9. 7 Songs For FoCoMX 2017: A Colorado Music Sampler From CPR's OpenAir

    Download and stream songs from Colorado acts like Slow Caves, The Velveteers and Stella Luce -- all of whom will perform at FoCoMX in Fort Collins this month.
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  10. Joe Sampson Performs With Esmé Patterson And Friends At CPR's OpenAir

    Joe Sampson has been a mainstay in the Denver music scene for years. He's played in bands like Bad Weather California and Wentworth Kersey and also releases music under his own name. His latest release is last year's "Chansons De Parade" album. Sampson stopped by the CPR Performance Studio with a few backing musicians -- including singer-songwriter Esmé Patterson on vocals. He performed four songs and spoke with Jeremy Petersen about his various musical projects over the years, writing short songs and a memorable review from an Italian blog.
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