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  1. Flaural Returns To CPR's OpenAir After A Successful Year

    When Flaural visited our studio in 2015, the Denver psych-rock band had just formed a few months beforehand and played only one show. But the band members had established specific goals: release some EPs, go on tour and play some festival dates. Flaural has since accomplished each of those goals and established themselves in the Denver music scene. The band members returned to CPR's OpenAir to play some new music and speak with Jeremy Petersen about staying busy during their first full year as a band, their recent recording sessions in California and their ambitions for the new year.
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  2. The Baltic Returns To CPR's OpenAir With New Record Deal

    Denver's The Baltic has been on our radar since the members started making music together as teenagers. The quartet had a big 2016: They signed a new record deal and performed at Red Rocks for the "Film On The Rocks" concert series. ​The band members -- now all attending different colleges -- returned to the CPR Performance Studio for the first time since 2014. They played some new unreleased music and spoke with Alisha Sweeney about signing to Misra Records, writing music via email and their first ever live performance in sixth grade.
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  3. YaSi Is A Bright Young Star In Denver's Hip-Hop Scene

    Yasman Azimi -- who performs as YaSi -- may be young, but she's got years of experience in Denver's hip-hop scene under her belt. She performed with H*Wood since 2013 before recently launching her solo career. YaSi released last summer the EP "Stranded Feelings," and she followed that up with the single "Pink Caddy," co-written with fellow Denver artist Sur Ellz. In December, she performed a couple of songs in our CPR Performance Studio. She also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about getting attention via online blogs, her love-hate relationship with music growing up and how a Frank Ocean cover kickstarted her music career.
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  4. The Lemon Twigs Sound Wise Beyond Their Years At CPR's OpenAir

    Teenage brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario evoke memories of classic psychedelic rock as The Lemon Twigs. The band stopped into the CPR Performance Studio before a show at Denver's Larimer Lounge to play some music from the debut LP "Do Hollywood."
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  5. Kissing Party Performs Holiday Music At CPR's OpenAir

    Just in time for the holidays, Kissing Party stopped into the CPR Performance Studio. And rather than the same old Christmas jingles, the Denver band played four original songs in the holiday spirit. Kissing Party just released "Winter In The Pub," a compilation of the holiday singles dating back to 2010. The band -- minus singer Deirdre Sage -- also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about Christmas pastimes and plans for a new non-holiday album in 2017.
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  6. Wild Child Performs Music From 'Fools' And An Exclusive New Song At CPR's OpenAir

    The founding members of Wild Child met while touring as backup singers for the band The Migrant. That encounter has proven to be a happy accident, as the two singers -- Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins -- hit it off as songwriting partners. The Austin, Texas, band has since grown into a septet with a varied and energetic indie pop sound. Wild Child's latest full-length is "Fools." The band performed two tracks from the LP as well as a brand new song in our CPR Performance Studio before a headlining show at Denver's Bluebird Theater. They also spoke with Jeremy Petersen about the band's origin story, how touring is essential to the band's livelihood and how "Fools" is a breakup album.
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  7. Ages And Ages Returns To OpenAir After Releasing 'Something To Ruin'

    The Portland, Ore., band played five songs from their new album during their second visit to OpenAir's studio.
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  8. FaceMan Returns To CPR's OpenAir Following Release Of 'Wild And Hunting'

    Denver's FaceMan has a reputation for a wild live show. Westword gave the band's 2014 Lost Lake Lounge concert the "Best Stage Art" award for its shark-shaped stage. The trio -- which recently incorporated a horn section -- also organizes festival-sized events like the recent "100 Year Storm" at Denver's Oriental Theater, which brought together 100 Colorado acts to perform over two days. FaceMan recently released the album "Wild And Hunting." The band returned to the CPR Performance Studio for the first time since 2013 to play four songs from the album. They also spoke with Alicia 'Bruce' Mitchell about how they do more with less for live shows, collaborating with a horn section and working with local artists for their album cover art.
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  9. Lisa Prank Returns To Denver After Releasing Her Debut Album

    Robin Edwards' music career began in Denver. She played in bands like Lust-Cats of the Gutter and The Matildas, and booked concerts at venues like Rhinoceropolis and Bar Bar. When her earlier groups ended, the singer and guitarist started writing and performing pop-punk music as Lisa Prank -- backed only by a drum machine. Edwards now lives in Seattle and often collaborates with bands like Chastity Belt and Tacocat. This year she released "Adult Teen," her debut album as Lisa Prank. Edwards stopped into our studio to play four songs from the album and talked with OpenAir about her early days in the Denver music scene, what it means to be an "Adult Teen" and her love for the music of They Might Be Giants.
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  10. Watch: Chanticleer Dazzles With A Pair of 16th Century Pieces

    Over the years, more than 100 singers have been part of the 12-man lineup, yet the ensemble's sonic identity -- its clear, powerful voice -- remains strong.
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