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  1. Listen: A ​Retrofit Prog Fantasy Playlist

    Mike Flanagan highlights some prog rock gems on this week's Retrofit playlist.
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  2. Bye Bye 2015: The Musicians We Lost This Year

    Join us for a remembrance of musical artists who left us this past year on this special edition of Retrofit: "Bye Bye 2015."
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  3. Bye Bye 2014: The musicians we lost this year

    Retrofit rounds up the musicians we lost in 2014.
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  4. Retrofit: Holiday Rarities

    Retrofit this week is "Holiday Rarities." This playlist resides somewhere left of the Yawning Yule Super Predictable.
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  5. Retrofit: World Serious

    It's World Series time, but Retrofit this week isn't about baseball. In fact it's songs that consider the world as a whole.
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  6. Retrofit: Interstellar Overdrive

    On Retrofit this weekend we'll be strapping ourselves in and blasting off into a sonic soundtrack that is truly out of this world.
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  7. Retrofit: Leaves

    Turn over a new leaf this week on Retrofit, 5 p.m. Saturday and noon Sunday!
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  8. Retrofit: Teen Spirit

    We've had fun with Kids Music Week on CPR this week, and are wrapping it up with a Sweet Sixteen Party on Retrofit entitled "Teen Spirit."
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  9. Retrofit: The Watergate Mixtape

    This weekend Retrofit presents The Watergate Mixtape with no 18-minute gaps, airing Saturday, August 9 at 5 p.m. and again Sunday, August 10 at noon.
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  10. Retrofit remembers Woodstock with rarities

    It's Woodstock's 45th Anniversary! On Retrofit this week we'll stray from the beaten path in our tie-dyed VW bus, and focus our black lights on some Woodstock Rarities, in other words, not the signature playlist that was handed down on the original soundtrack.
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