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  1. Columbine parent: After trauma, survival is possible

    In the wake of last week's shooting at Arapahoe High School, a trauma expert who's child was a student at Columbine during the shooting in 1999 offers advice and guidance.
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  2. 'Pandemic' Asks: Is A Disease That Will Kill Tens Of Millions Coming?

    Author Sonia Shah says that urbanization and air travel put the global population at an increased risk for disease. "Zika is a great example of how new pathogens are emerging today," she says.
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  3. Colorado Teen Pregnancy Prevention To See $1.5M Cut Under Trump Plan

    After a change in federal priorities, Colorado Youth Matter will lose $1.5 million.
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  4. For Colorado's Farmers In Crisis, A New Hotline Offers Hope

    State Agriculture Commissioner Don Brown wants to train counselors at the Colorado Crisis Center hotline to respond to farmers in emotional distress.
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  5. While Washington Plays Politics, Colorado's Insurance Exchange Tries To Stay On The Ball

    The CEO of Connect for Health Colorado says the state's health care exchange is in good shape in the face of federal turmoil.
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  6. Colorado Docs Are Making Bank On Opioid Drug Company Payments, Research Finds

    Colorado doctors collected $4.6 million in payments over two years from opioid companies — the highest in the country based on population.
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  7. Colorado’s Glitchy New Medicaid Payment System Has Some Doctors Declaring 'Crisis'

    Practices across the state have done financial gymnastics to stay afloat after the state's Medicaid agency started to erroneously reject claims.
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  8. For Rep. Mike Coffman, Health Care Is Still The Talk Of The Town Hall

    Coffman stressed his ideas for health care reform, his displeasure for Trump’s tweeting and how to move forward on immigration reform in a wide-ranging town hall.
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  9. Sen. Gardner Hedges On Latest Obamacare Repeal Move In Senate

    Republican Senate leadership has proposed a vote on a straight repeal of the Affordable Care Act after a replacement bill failed to get off the ground last week.
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  10. Will Trump Cut A Key Obamacare Subsidy? Hickenlooper Says That'd Be 'Disastrous'

    President Trump says he's OK if Obamacare "implodes," and he may take a step toward that soon.
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