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  1. Columbine parent: After trauma, survival is possible

    In the wake of last week's shooting at Arapahoe High School, a trauma expert who's child was a student at Columbine during the shooting in 1999 offers advice and guidance.
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  2. 'Pandemic' Asks: Is A Disease That Will Kill Tens Of Millions Coming?

    Author Sonia Shah says that urbanization and air travel put the global population at an increased risk for disease. "Zika is a great example of how new pathogens are emerging today," she says.
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  3. Years After Wait Times Scandal Broke, New Claims Of Violations At Colorado VA Clinics

    The Veterans Affairs internal watchdog will look into claims that three facilities in Colorado kept veterans waiting for care and falsified records
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  4. Peterson AFB Sets 5-Year Commitment To Cleaning Contaminated Water

    Firefighting foam used at the base for decades seeped into the aquifer, rendering well water for customers in southern El Paso County unsafe to drink.
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  5. Grand Junction Shows How To Lower Medicaid Costs While Improving Care

    Leaders of an experiment that began in 2014 say they have brought down the costs of Medicaid even as more people have gotten insurance.
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  6. Colorado Planned Parenthood Supporters And Opponents Join Nationwide Demonstrations

    The actions were the latest in a growing number of political protests that have occurred since President Donald Trump’s inauguration last month.
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  7. Rocky Flats And Cancer: 24 Years Of Data Inconclusive On Possible Links, State Says

    The nuclear weapons plant closed in the early ‘90s. Residents who lived near the plant have raised long-standing questions and concerns about high rates of illness.
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  8. Mirroring The Fight In DC, Colorado Wrestles With Its Health Insurance Future

    As Republicans in Washington move ahead to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a bill from Colorado GOP lawmakers to repeal the state’s health exchange has been introduced — putting the exchange on shaky ground.
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  9. Finding The Right Drug Cocktail For Aid-In-Dying

    As Colorado moves forward with it's new end-of-life options law, it can look to what doctors in other states have learned about the best, most affordable medications to use.
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  10. Student Filmmakers Reflect On High Rate Of Teen Suicide In El Paso County

    The teen suicide rate in Colorado is among the highest in the country. Two teens from Colorado Springs have made films about the issue which they hope helps in prevention efforts.
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