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  1. Principal says goodbye to Columbine after 35 years

    Frank DeAngelis, who led Colorado's Columbine High School through the deadly school shootings in 1999, is retiring in June.
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  2. 15 Years After Columbine, Are Schools Any Safer?

    The mass shooting at Columbine High School spurred schools to adopt "zero tolerance" policies. Do they work? NPR Education Correspondent Claudio Sanchez and former principal Bill Bond discuss.
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  3. The Beatles at Red Rocks: 50 Years on, still a big deal

    The 24 hours the Beatles spent on their only visit as a band to Colorado is remembered today with the enormity that embraced it at the time. For Denver, it introduced the era of Red Rocks as a premiere showcase for rock and roll.
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  4. Kids Music Week: Sonic youth milestones

    Mike Flanagan continues Kids Music Week on OpenAir with a sampling of ages and the events that affected some great musical artists.
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  5. Retrofit: Teen Spirit

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  6. Residents return, rebuild a year after floods swamped Jamestown

    Some feared the small mountain town wouldn't survive the devastating flooding that washed through town in September 2013.
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  7. The four best breakup albums of 2014

    Alisha Sweeney picks this year's top four albums that chronicle the emotions of a breakup.
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  8. Music and civil unrest: A Ferguson reflection

    Jessi Whitten shares her thoughts on the role of social media and music in protests like those currently happening around the country following the events in Ferguson, Mo.
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  9. Retrofit remembers Woodstock with rarities

    It's Woodstock's 45th Anniversary! On Retrofit this week we'll stray from the beaten path in our tie-dyed VW bus, and focus our black lights on some Woodstock Rarities, in other words, not the signature playlist that was handed down on the original soundtrack.
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  10. Meet Zero Freitas, the man on a mission to buy up the world's vinyl

    Keefer Fulgham relays the story of the Brazilian bus magnate who owns "several million" vinyl records by his own estimation.
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