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  1. Five Questions: Sounds of Lyons founder, director Mintze Wu

    The classical musician chats with CPR about hosting a chamber music festival in a town heavy with folk music influences.
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  2. Five Questions: Choreographer Cleo Parker Robinson on the Mile High Dance Festival

    The Denver dancer and choreographers talks to CPR about why its important to have a festival that highlights Colorado talent.
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  3. Five Questions: Denver Art Museum’s Danielle Stephens on ‘Beyond Pop Art’

    Contemporary art master teacher Danielle Stephens discusses pop art and Tom Wesselmann, one the movement's leading artists.
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  4. Five Questions: Phamaly Theatre Company Executive Director Chris Silberman

    Denver’s Phamaly Theatre Company, which casts actors with disabilities, talks to CPR about its upcoming musical and 2015 Japan tour.
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  5. Five Questions: Arvada Center Exhibition Coordinator Kristin Bueb

    “Unbound: Sculpture in the Field” brings sculptures to the 17-acres of open space outside the Arvada Center as part of a new exhibition series.
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  6. Five Questions: Colorado Music Festival ‘Mashup’ conductor-arranger Steve Hackman

    The multifaceted musician returns to the Colorado Music Festival with another “Music Mash-Up.” Last summer, Hackman led his orchestral blend of Brahms and Radiohead. This time, it’s Beethoven-meets-Coldplay.
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