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  1. Principal says goodbye to Columbine after 35 years

    Frank DeAngelis, who led Colorado's Columbine High School through the deadly school shootings in 1999, is retiring in June.
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  2. Daughter of civil rights leader Vincent Harding talks about father's legacy

    The stories of civil rights leaders are being spread by The Veterans of Hope Project, pivotal civil rights leader's daughter says.
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  3. Colorado teachers struggle with low salaries, report shows

    A new report shows mid- and late-career teacher base salaries are “painfully” low in many states, including Colorado.
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  4. Denver schools still segregated 60 years after Brown v. Board

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  5. Student project aims to help Colorado teens unplug and go outside again

    A group of Columbine High School students collaborate with the Jefferson County Commission to figure out how to get more teenagers outside.
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  6. CU Denver offering ‘gunshot trauma training’ classes

    About 400 faculty and staff at the University of Colorado Denver's campuses are on a wait list to receive a form of modified combat training that could help them save a life in the event of a shooting.
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  7. Making smart cool: Colorado author turns nerd stereotype on its head

    Dom Testa wonders if America will ever wake up to realize the Steve Urkels of the world are the real cool kids.
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  8. Q&A: Why the American system of higher education is at the breaking point

    As tuition rates grow and student loan debt passes $1 trillion, a new film showing in Denver looks at whether college is worth it, and examines why this American institution is at the breaking point.
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  9. Colorado students learning how to make beer a business

    Responding to demand from the industry, Colorado schools are training the beer leaders of the future. Nationwide about 35 schools are moving the same direction.
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  10. Parents, school districts file lawsuit asking state to enforce Amendment 23

    Plaintiffs say the “negative factor” is unconstitutional and want the courts to declare that Amendment 23 requires increasing education funding, not slashing it.
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