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  1. Principal says goodbye to Columbine after 35 years

    Frank DeAngelis, who led Colorado's Columbine High School through the deadly school shootings in 1999, is retiring in June.
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  2. A Teacher Retires After 25 Years, Dismayed At How His Profession Has Changed

    “It’s become a lot harder to teach, especially to teach in a way that I personally think is meaningful for my students,” Rick Young says.
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  3. All clear signaled at Columbine High School after threat issued

    Earlier in the day, no one was allowed to leave the school after it received threats.
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  4. Chaos, Change And No Change At All: 3 Stories Of School Money

    In a follow-up to its School Money series, the NPR Ed Team reports on three states that have, in recent weeks, made news for big challenges to their school funding systems: Texas, Arizona and Kansas.
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  5. Semi-Automatics Are Already Used By School Police. So Why The Uproar In Douglas County?

    The answer comes down to who has access to the guns. Many sworn police officers who provide school security already do. In Douglas County, non-sworn security officers soon will.
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  6. The Write Stuff: Teacher Goes Beyond Schoolbooks To Connect With Students

    Determined to let her students know they were appreciated, Rampart High School teacher Brittni Darras began writing personal notes to all 130 of them.
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  7. In Littleton, Ambitious Students Turn School Into 'Smart Village'

    A campaign to dream up and implement sustainable practices has students at Mackintosh Academy thinking in new ways.
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  8. Bill To Limit Ninth Grade Testing Moves Forward, With New Amendments

    Some lawmakers still think there's too much testing, even after a move last year to limit them.
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  9. Denver Professor Views Classroom Discipline Through Lens Of Her Experience

    MSU early childhood education professor Rosemarie Allen wants teachers to be aware of their own racial and gender bias when disciplining students.
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  10. How A 'Stubborn' Student's Secret Recording Led To Calls For School Board Resignations

    Ponderosa High School Student Grace Davis ignites a storm over the way she says she was treated by leaders of the Douglas County school board.
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