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  1. UNICEF Report On Female Genital Mutilation Holds Hope And Woe

    The practice is on the decline in many countries. But the population boom in Africa and the Middle East will put millions of girls at risk unless more progress is made.
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  2. Community Advisory Board Members

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  3. The Hidden Costs Of Fighting Polio In Pakistan

    The effort to end polio is taking a toll on Pakistan's already overstretched health system. With more children dying of measles and diarrhea, some question whether the focus on polio is worth it.
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  4. Shifts In Habitat May Threaten Ruddy Shorebird's Survival

    To withstand their 9,300-mile migration, red knots feast on eggs from horseshoe crabs each spring in Delaware Bay. Scientists worry many crabs are starting to lay eggs before the birds can get there.
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  5. A Plan To Untangle Our Digital Lives After We're Gone

    In the digital age, our online accounts don't die with us. A proposed law might determine what does happen to them. But the tech industry warns the measure could threaten the privacy of the deceased.
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  6. 70 Years After A Crucial Invasion, World Honors D-Day

    Some 150,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy and began the liberation of France from Nazi occupation during World War II. World leaders, including President Obama, gathered to mark the anniversary.
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  7. Happy birthday, J.S. Bach: Five quotes about why we love his music

    Glenn Gould, Felix Mendelssohn and Pablo Casals on what makes Bach's music so wonderful.
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  8. Princess Music to break up after two final shows

    Denver chamber pop group Princess Music has announced via their Facebook page that they will call it a day after two final performances.
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  9. February 18- 24

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  10. Best of 2013 Colorado VIPs: Jesse Elliott of Ark Life

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