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  1. Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised By Greece's Impasse With Europe

    Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was elected on the promise of renegotiating the regimen of austerity imposed on Greece by its creditors. And Europe warned him it expected Greece to repay its debts.
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  2. Coal Country: Putting Moffat County In Context

    Residents are fighting to defend their most vibrant local industry.
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  3. 5 Things You Should Know About Jim Webb

    The former senator, the fifth Democrat to enter the presidential race, has a colorful background as a veteran, author, reporter and defender of the Confederacy.
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  4. Georgia Leads A Push To Help Ex-Prisoners Get Jobs

    Federal grant money is flowing to skills training programs for ex-offenders. But aid will be successful only if employers are willing to hire them. That's where state re-entry programs show promise.
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  5. Cities In California Conserved A Lot Of Water In May

    Felicia Marcus of the State Water Board said, "We need all Californians to step up — and keep it up — as if we don't know when it will rain and snow again, because we don't."
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  6. Aetna Announces $37 Billion Merger With Health Insurance Rival Humana

    If the deal passes antitrust scrutiny, it would be the largest such acquisition in the insurance industry. It's the latest sign of consolidation in health insurance in the wake of Obamacare.
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  7. A Phys Ed Teacher Battles Tight Budgets And Childhood Obesity

    Mindy Przeor founded an after-school program in Mesa, Ariz., to get elementary school kids up and running.
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  8. Justice Department Investigating Airlines For Possible Price Collusion

    The department says it is looking into "possible unlawful coordination" by several major carriers. American and United have confirmed that they are among the airlines under scrutiny.
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  9. Checking DNA Against Elephants Hints At How Mammoths Got Woolly

    A clump of a mammoth's fur bought on eBay led scientists to a long list of ways the extinct species was special. One specific gene likely played a role in helping mammoths thrive in icy weather.
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  10. #NPRreads: The 'Grexit,' Video Games And Fleeing The Rwandan Genocide

    Also this week, misconceptions about slavery. And, the struggle for gay Christians trying to keep the faith.
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