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  1. Ozone Levels Bounce Back, Showing First Increase In 35 Years

    NASA says that a ban on CFCs enacted in the 1980s has contributed to a 4 percent rebound since 2000 in atmospheric ozone in mid-northern latitudes.
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  2. UNESCO Director Concerned About New School Year In Iraq

    Irina Bokova, director-general of UNESCO in Paris, calls for international help to protect Iraq's schoolchildren as they return to school.
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  3. Best of 2013 Colorado VIPs: Sarah Slater of Titwrench Fest

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  4. Review: 'Ices,' Lia Ices

    Singer-songwriter Lia Ices’ third effort a blend of international musical influences and electronica courtesy of guest producer Clams Casino. Its ten songs succeed as cohesive pop units without feeling heavy-handed.
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  5. SeaWorld Hopes New Orca Habitats Will Stem A Tide Of Criticism

    The theme park says a 2013 documentary critical of its captive orca attraction has hurt its bottom line. Now, it's pushing back with a social media campaign and plans for new habitats for its whales.
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  6. Susan Rice: Islamic State Fight Will Not Be 'Iraq War Redux'

    In an interview with NPR, Rice said the U.S. will not be drawn into a ground war in Iraq and Syria, even if local forces are insufficient at containing the Sunni militants.
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  7. Islamic State Seizes Villages; Australia Says It Foiled Beheading Plot

    The Islamist rebels also known as ISIS or ISIL reportedly captured 16 Kurdish villages in northern Syria in a major push for territory. The move has prompted fears of a massacre of civilians.
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  8. Five Questions: Sounds of Lyons founder, director Mintze Wu

    The classical musician chats with CPR about hosting a chamber music festival in a town heavy with folk music influences.
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  9. Europe's Family Tree Gets A New Branch

    Genetic evidence from ancient humans and modern people suggests that travelers from northern Eurasia moved south several thousand years ago. They stuck around to have kids with early European farmers.
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  10. Why Colorado's Africans are a rising political force

    Africans make up Colorado's second-largest immigrant group, but until recently, they haven't played much of a role in the state's political life. That's changing now.
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