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  1. Even When Abortion Is Illegal, The Market May Sell Pills For Abortion

    An ulcer drug is dramatically changing the face of back-alley abortions in developing countries and cutting the rate of maternal deaths. Misoprostol is widely available even where abortion is banned.
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  2. Millennial Jews Do An About-Face, Start Keeping Kosher

    According to a 2013 Pew Research Center study, nearly a fourth of millennial Jews are keeping kosher. That's almost twice the rate of their baby-boomer parents.
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  3. Highlights from Non-Comm 2014

    Once a year, industry professionals of the non-commercial radio world gather at XPN’s facilities in Philadelphia to discuss trends, hurdles, share a drink or two, and watch some amazing music at the annual NON-COMMvention. Here are my highlights from Non-Comm 2014.
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  4. As Colorado’s mule deer decline, so may conservation funding

    Wildlife officials worry human activity is driving mule deer populations down in Colorado and beyond.
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  5. Washington Post: White House Intruder Made It To Doorway Of Green Room

    The Secret Service had originally said Omar Gonzalez was apprehended shortly after he burst through the front door after jumping a fence.
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  6. Database Flaws Cloud Sunshine On Industry Payments To Doctors

    A federal website set to go live Tuesday will disclose drug and device companies' ties to doctors. The release marks a milestone, but could be misleading for patients checking up on their doctors.
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  7. Best of 2013 Colorado VIPs: Sarah Slater of Titwrench Fest

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  8. Social Media Get The Right Stuff To India's Flood Victims

    Waters rose as high as two and three stories in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. People were trapped. They needed supplies, and #jkfloodrelief came to the rescue.
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  9. Martha Zarway Of Monrovia: 'I'm A Doctor, So We Can't Run Away'

    The Liberian physician, who operates a clinic in the capital, perseveres in the wake of a colleague's death, possibly from Ebola. She and her staff continue to treat patients.
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  10. Look Out MAVEN, India's Mars Orbiter Is Closing In

    India's Mars Orbiter Mission is set to reach Mars on Wednesday, just days after a U.S. NASA probe began its orbit around the Red Planet. The difference? India did it on a much tighter budget.
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