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  1. After Aiding Injured Israelis, A Palestinian Is Targeted For Abuse

    When an Israeli family was ambushed in their car in the West Bank, two Palestinians came to their aid. One is paying a price now, seen as aiding the enemy.
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  2. 4 Questions Donald Trump Faces Heading Into The First Debate

    The Republican nominee proved adept in the primary debates, but a one-on-one debate could expose weaknesses in policy. And he'll have delicately approach how he debates with the first female nominee.
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  3. After Bitter Primary Fight, Ted Cruz Backs Donald Trump

    One Cruz supporter said the move "just cements Trump as the unopposed alpha in the GOP and hangs Cruz's conservative resistance out to dry."
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  4. Not Exactly A Bargain, But London's Luxury Property Falls After Brexit

    One of the world's most notoriously expensive real estate markets – central London – is now a bargain after the Brexit vote. Assuming you've got at least $5 million to spend.
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  5. Is Arizona A Swing State This Year?

    The last time Arizona voters picked a Democrat for president was two decades ago to re-elect Bill Clinton in 1996. Before that, it was 1948 when Harry Truman was on the ballot.
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  6. After A Five-Year Flight, Colorado-Built Juno Enters Jupiter's Orbit

    Scientists hope the mission to the gas giant improves their understanding of the birth of the solar system.
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  7. After Fatal Police Shooting, Protest Erupts In Charlotte, N.C.

    Police say that Keith Lamont Scott was carrying a gun when an officer shot and killed him; his family says he was unarmed. Overnight protests shut down I-85, but the interstate has now been reopened.
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  8. Alex Rodriguez Ends Yankees Career After 6-3 Victory Over Rays

    "A-Rod" played third base one last time on Yankees turf on Friday. After a controversial career, including admitted steroid use, a sellout crowd bid the 41-year-old designated hitter a warm farewell.
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  9. Bombing Suspect Drew FBI's Attention In 2014 After Domestic Dispute

    Ahmad Khan Rahami was charged Tuesday in bombings and attempted bombings in New York and New Jersey. The FBI first looked into Rahami two years ago but didn't find enough for a full investigation.
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  10. Watch 2 Elite Soccer Players Take On A Pack Of 8-Year-Olds

    What happens when two talented 36-year-olds face off against 30 8-year-olds on a soccer field?
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