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  1. Russia's Parliament Approves Putin's Call For Troops In Ukraine

    In response, Ukraine has put its own forces on alert and warned that a Russian invasion would spark war between the two countries.
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  2. Review: 'Burn Your Fire for No Witness,' Angel Olsen

    Intentionally or not, singer-songwriter Angel Olsen’s acerbic new album “Burn Your Fire for No Witness” dropped right around that most divisive of calendar dates, Valentine’s Day. The timing proves apt for these 11 songs rife with untold desire, regret, and yes, love.
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  3. Authors Of New Hillary Clinton Book: She Never Stopped Running

    For HRC, their new book about Hillary Clinton's time as the nation's secretary of state, political reporters Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes gained unusual access to Hillaryworld. In fact, they talked to Clinton herself. They spoke with It's All Politics about some of what they learned.
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  4. Flagging Down Taxi Drivers To Sign Up For Obamacare

    Supporters of the Affordable Care Act are working in Chicago and several other cities to sign up cabbies for health insurance as the March 31 open enrollment deadline nears.
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  5. Europe Tells U.S. To Lay Off Brie And Get Its Own Cheese Names

    The EU wants the U.S. to prohibit food makers from using names with historical ties to Europe. That means cheeses like Parmesan and Brie sold in the U.S. may have to find new names.
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  6. A Tragic Year For Wildland Firefighters Ends In Reflection

    Thirty-four firefighters died in the line of duty this year. The unusually high number is sparking a larger conversation about the dangers firefighters face as more homes are built in and around drought-stricken forests.
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  7. Closing America's Largest Landfill, Without Taking Out The Trash

    The Puente Hills Landfill received waste from all over Los Angeles County for more than 50 years, and eventually grew higher than 500 feet. But with the site's closure, the trash won't just disappear.
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  8. Up Next For Joe Biden, A Busy Year — And A Choice

    As the vice president enters his sixth year as President Obama's second-in-command, there comes the natural question: What's next? A long-time senator, Biden has run for president before, and is making some moves that suggest he may do so one last time.
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  9. Ads Focused On A Few Drug Risks Might Make Them Memorable

    The Food and Drug Administration says the long list of side effects read rapidly at the end of pharmaceutical ads may be too much for people to grasp. The agency is looking at a streamlined approach.
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  10. White House Says There Are No Plans To Bail Out Puerto Rico

    The island's credit rating was pushed to junk territory on Tuesday. The downgrade could affect Puerto Rico's bond offerings.
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