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  1. Trump, Self-Proclaimed Outsider, Was New Jersey Political Insider

    To further his business interests, the real estate mogul and casino owner made friends with politicians on both sides of the aisle in the Garden State.
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  2. More Elderly Inmates Mean More Medical Care, CU Researchers Say

    The number of elderly male inmates in U.S. prisons has gotten 15 times bigger than what was in the early 1980s.
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  3. Man Cleared In New York Jogger Case Donates $190K To University Of Colorado

    Korey Wise's donation will allow the student-led volunteer program to hire a full-time director and provides financial support for its investigative work.
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  4. Musician Prince Died Of Accidental Overdose, Says Medical Examiner

    The Midwest Medical Examiner's office found Prince died from an overdose of fentanyl, an opiate used to treat patients with severe pain.
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  5. Naropa University Withdraws Application To Kill Prairie Dogs

    After the Buddhist university applied for the lethal control permit this summer, more than 135,000 prairie dog supporters signed an online petition.
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  6. How Many Mass Shootings This Year? There's No Consensus

    Private groups keeping tabs have wildly different numbers, ranging from 353 to four. There's no consensus on a definition, and advocates point to the data that supports their arguments.
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  7. Colorado Overdose Deaths Tick Up 5 Percent

    In 2013, 846 people died from a drug overdose. In 2014, that figure jumped to 899.
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  8. TABOR Refunds Targeted By Proposed Ballot Measure

    Tax refunds or more money for schools and roads? That’s how a coalition frames a debate it hopes to spark in Colorado.
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  9. Pipeline Company Indicted Over 2015 California Oil Spill

    Plains All American Pipeline company is facing 46 criminal counts after one of its pipelines ruptured last year, spilling crude oil that fouled miles of coastline near Santa Barbara.
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  10. Silent No More: French Women Speak Out Against Pattern Of Sexism

    Over the weekend, 17 former ministers publicly denounced the entrenched sexism of French society — particularly politics. The open letter comes after a week of intense national debate on the topic.
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