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  1. North Korea Detains 24-Year-Old American Tourist

    North Korea says it arrested the man for his "rash behavior." The U.S. State Department says it is trying to get more information.
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  2. Get vocal tips from ‘The Voice’ contestant Biff Gore

    "The Voice" contestant Biff Gore shares some vocal tips with arts editor and host Chloe Veltman.
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  3. Cuba's Mariel Port: Once An Escape, Now A Window To The Future

    In the 1980s and '90s, thousands of Cubans fleeing to the U.S. passed through Mariel port. Today, it's the site of an ambitious special economic zone that is filling many locals with optimism.
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  4. Think You Know Richard Sherman After His 'Rant'? Maybe Not

    The Seattle Seahawks player's post-game interview set off another national discussion about race because of the way many reacted to it with not-so-veiled slurs. He tells CNN that it's those who posted racial comments about him afterward who "showed their true character."
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  5. GM Recalls 105,000 More Vehicles

    The latest recall comes a day after General Motors admitted that it had failed customers who owned cars with potentially deadly ignition switch problems.
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  6. Parents Get Some Help In Teaching Their Teens To Drive

    A web-based program that puts Mom and Dad back in the learner's seat appears to improve their teenagers' driving performance, while getting them more time on the road.
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  7. Sword Fights Break Out In A Clash At India's Golden Temple

    Ceremonial swords and staffs were swung in anger, resulting in injuries and panic during a commemoration of a military raid on a sacred shrine in Amritsar, India.
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  8. Cuba's Budding Entrepreneurs Travel A Rocky Road Toward Success

    In recent years, Cuba's communist government has allowed the creation of small private businesses. An estimate 1 million Cubans have taken the plunge, making progress in fits and starts along the way.
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  9. New Approaches To Discipline Strive To Keep Kids Out Of Jail

    Teen courts and restorative justice are focused on cutting off the "school-to-prison pipeline."
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  10. Why America May Be Ready For Some Futbol

    The aspects of soccer that once annoyed many people now seem part of everyday life.
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