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  1. Temporary Housing For Young People, By Young People

    Homeless young people can often be targets of theft and assault by homeless adults. Two 23-year-olds in Boston have founded a new shelter to assure their peers are safe, warm, welcomed and supported.
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  2. In Denver, Clinton Slams Bush On Immigration, Women's Health

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  3. Do You Speak Health Insurance? It's Not Easy

    Even savvy consumers stumble over the meaning of coinsurance and other jargon. The misunderstandings can be costly, especially when picking a health plan.
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  4. Why One Latino Group Is Chasing High Schoolers Ahead Of 2016

    There are more than 25 million Latinos eligible to vote, and that number is growing quickly. The bulk of that growth is not from new immigration, but rather from Latino teens turning 18.
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  5. Latest U.S. Casualties Raise Questions About U.S. Role In Afghanistan

    One special operations soldier was killed and two others were wounded in a firefight in Afghanistan. A Pentagon spokesman insists that U.S. soldiers are there to "train, advise and assist."
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  6. Does Airbnb Hurt Denver's Rental Market? Not Much, Numbers Suggest

    The data suggests most units are rented only a handful of times a month -- or even less. About 118 others though, appear to be full-time vacation rentals.
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  7. Parking garage symphony: UK's Multi-Story Orchestra performs car park concerts

    You won't believe how good classical music can sound in this unique setting.
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  8. Can Big Food Win Friends By Revealing Its Secrets?

    Some food companies, hoping to gain consumer trust, are disclosing more information about what is in their products, and how they were made. But how much will they be willing to reveal?
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  9. U.S. Officials, Tech Leaders Meet To Discuss Counterterrorism

    Behind closed doors in Silicon Valley, top officials from the Obama administration looked into how big Internet companies can help weed out ISIS recruitment and run counter campaigns online.
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  10. No Crystal Ball? Here's Help With 2016 Economic Forecasts

    Investors might wish for a device to peer into the future, but they must settle for economic forecasters. For 2016, most forecasters are seeing signs pointing toward more profits and jobs.
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