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  1. Karl Haas at 100

    CPR Classical celebrates a classical radio icon who was born 100 years ago.
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  2. Why Convention Sites Don't Make Very Good Swing State Strategy

    The idea that convention cities are decided with an eye toward winning the host city's state is popular to the point of being irresistible. But it doesn't fare well against the facts.
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  3. Colorado muralist Eric Bransby, 98, finds 'heaven' among brushes and walls

    The 98-year-old Colorado Springs artist looks back at his long career, and forward to his next public mural project.
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  4. Around the U.S., voting technology is all over the place

    Voting machines purchased after the 2000 elections are coming to the end of their useful lives. States are looking to buy new equipment but there's little money and technology is changing rapidly.
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  5. The courage and ingenuity of freedom-seeking slaves in America

    Did daring stories of fugitive slaves perhaps move the national political needle toward abolition?
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  6. Explorers Discover Ancient Lost City In Honduran Jungle

    Chris Fisher, an archaeologist who recently returned from the site of a lost city, says that some of the objects there looked as if they hadn't been touched in centuries.
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  7. #AppleWatchEvent: Follow NPR's Laura Sydell As Apple Unveils Its Smart Watch

    NPR's Laura Sydell (@Sydell) is live-tweeting the Apple event where the company is expected to unveil its much-anticipated smart watch.
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  8. Got You Covered

    With all these "Best of 2013" lists emerging online, thought I'd share my favorite covers!
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  9. A Boulder woman’s plight from misdiagnosis to miraculous recovery

    Imagine being diagnosed with a chronic disease, and then, after a year-long slog through medical tests and doctors’ visits, learning it was nothing more than a food sensitivity.
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  10. Create a tax credit for caregivers with kids in private schools

    What the bill would have done: Taxpayers with a dependent qualified child in a private school or who are providing a scholarship to a qualified child receive a tax credit.
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