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  1. GOP Candidates Criticized For Oregon Shooting Response

    Most Republicans are calling for a renewed focus on mental health services, but some of the presidential candidates have been criticized for their word choice in responding.
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  2. This is (not) the most important story of the year

    Stories that titillate, amuse or arouse flash-in-the-pan outrage may be more widely read and shared than solid information. Celebrity and scandals have always attracted media attention, but in the Internet age the balance is shifting more toward entertainment.
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  3. A Day After Earthquake, Nepal Struck By Aftershocks

    Donatella Lorch, a freelance journalist in Kathmandu, gives NPR's Arun Rath an update on the effects of Saturday's devastating quake. She says people are taking it "hour by hour and day by day."
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  4. Cloning Your Dog, For A Mere $100,000

    The Duponts in Louisiana loved their mutt Melvin so much they jumped at the chance to replicate him. Melvin is gone now, but he has left behind two clones, Ken and Henry.
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  5. As Denver's Senior Population Grows, So Do Worries About Health, Memory

    A new survey finds that maintaining physical and mental health, and losing memory, are the top three concerns about aging for older adults in Denver.
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  6. Like Fares On A Plane, College Tuition Bills Vary Widely

    Some colleges give big discounts based on family income. Some don't. Play with Planet Money's interactive graphic to see the average price families pay at 1,550 four-year colleges.
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  7. Scott Walker Ends Presidential Campaign With A Shot At Trump

    The Wisconsin governor bemoaned the rise of negative attacks in the GOP race, urging his remaining rivals to unite to stop front-runner Donald Trump.
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  8. Clinton Breaks With Obama To Oppose Asia Trade Deal

    "What I know of it, as of today, I am not in favor of what I have learned about it," the Democrat said, breaking with President Obama on his signature trade deal he hopes to push through Congress.
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  9. Supreme Court To Lawyers: Hold Your Own Place In Line

    Rich lobbyists, lawyers and contractors will no longer be able to pay someone to hold a place in line to get a much-in-demand seat at a Supreme Court argument or a congressional hearing.
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  10. Barcelona Kicks Off Quest For Consecutive Champions League Titles

    The Spanish soccer club giant beat Italian side Juventus in June to earn the title of best team in Europe. Wednesday, Barcelona faces Roma in its first game of this year's Champions League tournament.
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