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  1. The First Time I Heard The Name 'Mandela'

    The South African leader's life held special power for black Americans, who lost many iconic civil rights leaders tragically early. Karen Grigsby Bates reflects on Mandela's legacy.
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  2. A hard nut to crack? Your guide to 5 local 'Nutcracker' ballets

    Run away to a winter wonderland of dancing snowflakes this season with one of these five enchanting productions.
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  3. Arrest Made In Murder Of California Priest

    The say the body of the Rev. Eric Freed, found in the rectory of St. Bernard Church in Eureka on New Year's Day, showed signs of a struggle.
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  4. In London, The Case Of The Purloined Water Lily

    An exceptionally rare flower that is virtually extinct has been stolen from London's Kew Gardens, in a crime experts say could be the work of an obsessed collector. aA British newspaper says that stealing the precious water lily "is like an old master theft."
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  5. State Health Coverage Sign-Ups Paint A Complex Obamacare Picture

    Health insurance markets vary across the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each one is implementing the health law with varying degrees of failure, success, enthusiasm and hostility. The differences in sign-ups tell the tale.
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  6. Western Scientists Look To Chinese Medicine For Fresh Leads

    Some scientists say traditional remedies might help them crack diseases like cancer. Some notable successes include a treatment for a form of leukemia and an anti-malaria medicine that has become the gold standard. But there are more misses than hits.
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  7. Editing Your Life's Stories Can Create Happier Endings

    Psychologists have found a simple way to improve academic performance and even health. When people sit down and write about a negative experience and they revise their story to see it in a more positive way, it changes their behavior and helps them succeed.
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  8. Chemical Company In West Virginia Water Crisis Files For Bankruptcy

    Freedom Industries has been blamed for a chemical spill that left around 300,000 people without water for days. Last week, a chemical the company uses in cleaning coal leaked into the Elk River and into the public water system.
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  9. What's America's Problem? 1 In 5 Says It's The Government

    In a monthly Gallup poll of American attitudes, dissatisfaction with the political leadership topped all other issues among Democrats, Republicans and Independents. But dissatisfaction with the government was down from a peak of 33 percent last October.
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  10. IRS Gets Spending Bill Smackdown From Congress

    In response to a 2013 scandal, lawmakers are pushing overall IRS funding to a five-year low and ordering the agency to obey the Constitution.
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