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  1. Did The Language You Speak Evolve Because Of The Heat?

    People speak very differently depending on where they live, and the climate and environment might have something to do with that. Crisp English consonants don't carry well in the rain forest.
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  2. In Houston, Voters Reject A Closely Watched Equal Rights Ordinance

    The ordinance became the flashpoint in a confrontation between the city's lesbian mayor and conservatives, who said the measure would allow men in women's bathrooms.
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  3. Iraqi Politician Ahmed Chalabi Dead Of A Heart Attack, State TV Reports

    Chalabi supplied information to the U.S. regarding Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons were found following the U.S. invasion.
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  4. British Prime Minister Says Russian Plane 'More Likely Than Not' Downed By Bomb

    Prime Minister David Cameron also said the Islamic State may have been responsible. Russian and Egyptian authorities cast doubt on the claim saying the bomb theory was mere "speculation."
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  5. The Claims Are Rosy, But Brazil's Rain Forest Is Still Disappearing

    Brazil says it has greatly reduced the rate of deforestation. That may be true, critics say, but they argue such figures are misleading because so much of the Amazon has already been degraded.
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  6. Esme Patterson and friends debut "Woman to Woman" live at Hi-Dive

    Esme Patterson and an impressive crew of notable Colorado musicians gathered at Denver's Hi-Dive on Thursday night to perform Patterson's new record "Woman to Woman."
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  7. Notes From Natalie: A Violin Student's Summer At Aspen Music Festival And School

    Natalie Hodges talks with David Rutherford about a month that helped her grow as a musician.
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  8. In The Amazon's Fire Season, 'You Either Burn Or You Starve'

    This is the time of year subsistence farmers clear land by setting fires in the Amazon. They say it's the only way they can make a living, but it's delivering another blow to the rain forest.
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  9. What’s Financially Fair For The Colorado State Fair?

    The Colorado State Fair is in full swing in Pueblo, but some legislators worry about its bottom line.
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  10. From Gray Lady To Purple Carrot: Bittman Adds Spice To Vegan Meal Startup

    Bittman left a gig as The New York Times' influential food writer to join a meal-kit delivery firm that wants to make it easier for people to eat plant-based meals at home.
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