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  1. Why Didn't Officer Call Medic For Freddie Gray? (And Other Questions)

    Officer William Porter is the first of six Baltimore police officers who stand accused of playing a role in the death of Gray. Here, a breakdown of some key questions that have come up in his trial.
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  2. Interview: The stars of "American Idiot"

    The stars of the two-time Tony award winning musical "American Idiot" dropped by the studio ahead of this weekend's final run of their massive tour.
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  3. In California, Aid Withers For People With Developmental Disabilities

    Budget cuts and rising costs are imperiling California's programs for people with developmental disabilities. The state had led the nation in providing innovative community based services.
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  4. Report: Fewer Colo. Kids In Poverty But Health Issues Remain

    The Kids Count Data Book says better economic conditions influenced Colorado’s rankings compared to other states.
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  5. ISIS Praises San Bernardino Attackers; 'We Will Not Be Terrorized,' Obama Says

    "We are Americans," President Obama says in his weekly radio address. "We will uphold our values — a free and open society. We are strong. And we are resilient. And we will not be terrorized."
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  6. MLB Commissioner To Decide Whether To Reinstate Pete Rose

    One of Major League Baseball's greatest players has been banned since 1989 for gambling on the game. But sports leagues' traditionally hard attitudes toward sports gambling seem to be softening.
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  7. Which Burns More Kilowatt-Hours: America's Christmas Lights Or Tanzania?

    As you might have guessed, the answer is not Tanzania. So the holiday season is a good time to reflect on ... electricity.
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  8. Va. Will No Longer Recognize Concealed Carry Handgun Permits From 25 States

    Starting in February, visitors from states with less stringent gun-safety laws will need to get a nonresident permit to carry a concealed weapon in Virginia.
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  9. We Asked Young Muslim Women To Weigh In On 'Quantico"s Hijabi Character

    Viewers say Nimah and Raina, twin sisters on ABC's Quantico, reflect the many ways one can be a Muslim woman in America today.
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  10. Alaska's Pot Cafes Will Give Patrons A Taste Of Cannabis

    Alaska is about to become the first state to have pot cafes where people can buy and consume marijuana. The state's marijuana control board recently approved on-site consumption at retail stores.
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