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  1. Two Chihuly glass pieces heisted from Denver Botanic Gardens

    The Chihuly Studio will be able to replace the missing pieces, part of a larger installation. A Botanic Gardens says this is an "isolated" incident.
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  2. OpenAir's UMS venue guide: Hi-Dive

    OpenAir will preview select venues on South Broadway leading up to the Underground Music Showcase with photos and useful info. First up is Hi-Dive.
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  3. FEC Greenlights More Convention Cash For Political Parties

    The Federal Election Commission approved a request from the Democratic and Republican parties to replace lost public funding with more donations from individuals — up to $32,400 per person per year.
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  4. Report Says UNC Grade-Boosting Scandal Involved Fake Classes

    An independent investigation found that the school's African and Afro-American Studies Department used the "paper classes" to inflate grades for more than 3,000 students, nearly half of them athletes.
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  5. Arctic Front: Blast Of Cold Air Hits Middle Of U.S., Heads East

    The cold front hit Wyoming just after midnight. It struck Denver this morning, bringing wind and snow — and reportedly dropping the temperature by 15 degrees in just 15 minutes.
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  6. More Than 800,000 Postal Service Employees Victims Of Data Breach

    USPS customers were affected as well. The FBI is leading an investigation into the hack, but it's unclear who might be responsible for it.
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  7. A First: Uterus Transplant Gives Parents A Healthy Baby

    The new mother, 36, had been born without a uterus, so another woman, 61, donated her womb several years after she had gone through menopause.
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  8. In China, Obama Touts Visa Deal, Progress On Free-Trade Pact

    Under a new agreement, the U.S. and China will extend visas from the current one-year term to five and 10 years. President Obama is in China for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.
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  9. New memoir recounts life as a military spouse

    "No Man's War" by Angie Ricketts is a candid, sometimes funny, book about what military wives endure when their husbands head off to fight battles overseas.
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  10. How 'Double Bucks' For Food Stamps Conquered Capitol Hill

    The federal government is putting $100 million behind a simple idea: doubling the value of federal food benefits when people use them to buy fresh produce. This idea started small but became a hit.
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