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  1. Be In The Know About Education — With NPR Ed's Newsletter

    From grit to great teachers, brain science to science projects, get our take on what's happening in education. Insights delivered weekly.
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  2. Journalist-Registration Bill Is Modeled On Gun Law, S.C. Lawmaker Says

    Criminal background checks and assurances that a person "is competent to be a journalist" are among the requirements put forth by State Rep. Mike Pitts in South Carolina's Legislature.
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  3. 2 People Suspected Of Plotting Attacks Are Arrested In Belgium

    Authorities say the suspects were planning attacks on popular tourist spots during holiday celebrations.
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  4. Take A Look At The Top Tweeted Moments Of The Year

    The nation used Twitter to mark the second inauguration of President Obama and to get information on the Boston Marathon bombing. But the year's most retweeted tweet was about the sudden death of a TV star.
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  5. Violent Crime Stats Show Increase In 2015

    The FBI reports that murders, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults were up in the first half of last year over the same time in 2014. The Justice Department calls overall rates historically low.
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  6. CSU Expert: Oil Cutbacks Haven't Hurt Regional Economy Much

    Many oil workers are finding work in the construction industry, an economist says.
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  7. ABC’s 'Blood And Oil' Is A Modern-Day 'Dynasty'

    Two ABC dramas separated by 30 years are full of love, betrayal, and money, but perhaps few realities of the oil business.
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  8. Heartless Bastards Return To OpenAir, Talk New Album 'Restless Ones'

    The Austin band fronted by vocalist Erika Wennerstrom performed a stripped-down session in the CPR Performance Studio.
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  9. Years Of Turmoil Weigh On Beirut As Syria Strains Lebanon

    Violence from the crisis next door in Syria has been seeping into Lebanon for months. The city is also absorbing a new flood of Syrian refugees. One man who has lived in the city his whole life says it might finally be time to leave.
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  10. World's Largest Meatpacking Firm Wants To Test Out Robot Butchers

    Cutting meat is hard, hazardous work, and it still takes thousands of workers to run a modern beef plant. But protein powerhouse JBS is looking for ways to automate the art of butchery.
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