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  1. Another Former Champion Abandons Tour De France After Crash

    Alberto Contador apparently hit something in the road, sending him into a crash so violent that it tore his shoe apart.
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  2. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Brings 'Bad Juju' And Pain 25 Years Later

    The lives of fishermen in Alaska were forever changed after the Exxon Valdez oil spill more than two decades ago. They're still haunted by litigation, bankruptcy and herring that haven't returned.
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  3. Slideshow: Sandhill cranes

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  4. Scholars Urge More Research On Future Of Colorado River

    Scholars say the federal government needs to ensure it is prepared for all water flow scenarios for the next 50 years.
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  5. Federal Health Exchange Stays Busy After Open Enrollment Ends

    Federal data, obtained by ProPublica under the Freedom of Information Act, show that nearly 1 million insurance transactions have taken place since the middle of April.
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  6. Good News For Procrastinators: 3 Extra Days To File Taxes

    This is all because of an overlap of federal and state holidays with the usual April 15 IRS deadline.
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  7. China: Plan To Name U.S. Embassy Road After Dissident 'Sheer Farce'

    An amendment working its way through Congress would rename the street in front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington after Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo.
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  8. 'Star Wars' Alert: The 'Rogue One' Trailer Is Here

    The first teaser trailer for this year's Star Wars movie has arrived. The film — set after the end of the prequels, but before the original series — is the first stand-alone movie of the franchise.
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  9. The Golden State Warriors Are On The Brink Of History — Will They Go For It?

    If the Golden State Warriors win their last three games of the regular season to reach 73 wins, they'll break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls' record for most wins in a season.
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  10. Despite The Awkward Timing, Argentina Welcomes Obama

    The president's visit falls on the 40th anniversary of Argentina's military coup that led to the so-called Dirty War. He has promised to declassify documents shedding light on what the U.S. knew.
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