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  1. Transgender Birth Certificate Change Fails In Colorado

    The bill would have changed the process for transgender residents to update their birth certificates to reflect their correct gender.
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  2. Clinton And Trump Clash In Tense First Presidential Debate

    The first presidential debate was a tense affair between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as they clashed over their economic and trade plans, national security and race relations in the U.S.
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  3. Russia Sentences Female Ukrainian Pilot To 22 Years In Prison

    A Russian court has found Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko guilty of murdering two Russian journalists in eastern Ukraine. She was accused of directing artillery fire that killed them.
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  4. Criticized Abroad, Philippines' Leader Remains Hugely Popular In Home City

    President Rodrigo Duterte has earned many critics for his brutal war on drugs. But in Davao City, where he was mayor for more than 20 years, many say he transformed the city for the better.
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  5. After The Slaughter, A Pakistani School Seeks To Heal

    In northwest Pakistan, a school has reopened after last month's Taliban attack that killed more than 130. Most all of the survivors chose to come back, but the healing will take years, they say.
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  6. What Happens After You Get That Mammogram

    What are the odds that you'll get a false positive when you get a mammogram? How likely is it that it will detect cancer? Here's one way to look at it.
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  7. State House Considers Bill To Lessen Penalty For Teen Sexting

    A committee of lawmakers heard three hours of testimony this week on a bill that would make teen sexting a misdemeanor crime.
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  8. Has The Human Life Span Hit The Ceiling?

    An analysis of global demographics indicates the maximum human life span may have peaked at around 115 years. That's despite medical advances and the occasional person who lives a few years longer.
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  9. 'Ghost Brothers of Darkland County' comes alive at Denver's Buell Theatre

    Bestselling horror novelist Stephen King brings his musical "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County" to the Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre on Monday Dec. 1.
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  10. A Harrowing, Mountain-Scaling Commute For Chinese Schoolkids

    To get to school, the children must trek as many as four hours up and down a 2,600-ft. mountainside, relying on rickety ladders. Their families see their education as a way out of poverty.
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