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  1. Justice Department To Review San Francisco Police Department

    The decision comes two months after officers fatally shot Mario Woods, a 26-year-old black man. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee asked for a federal probe into the shooting, which was captured on video.
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  2. As Questions Swirl, Italy Mourns Death Of Italian Student In Cairo

    A funeral is being held Friday in Italy for Giulio Regeni, a doctoral student allegedly tortured and killed in Egypt. Thousands have demanded an independent probe into Regeni's death.
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  3. Should You Leave Your Lights On At Night? It Depends

    Installing security lights and leaving lights on at night are common tactics for deterring home burglaries. But lighting up might not be an effective solution if you don't involve your neighbors.
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  4. Get ready for "Get On Up": James Brown video preview

    Prep yourself for the new James Brown biopic "Get On Up" with some of the very best videos of the Godfather of Soul himself.
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  5. Zombie Bills: Colorado Tax Breaks May Come Under Scrutiny

    In our series on bills that died and will return, a lawmaker questions the state's roughly $4.7 billion in breaks.
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  6. 'Jihad Jane' Gets 10 Years In Prison

    Colleen LaRose dubbed herself "Jihad Jane" as she used the Web to recruit others for violent attacks. She was found guilty of being part of a failed plan to murder a Swedish artist. Because she cooperated with investigators, LaRose got less than the potential life sentence she faced.
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  7. After Cory Booker, Newark Takes A New Turn

    Ras Baraka was elected mayor of New Jersey's largest city after criticizing the charter schools and corporate interests that thrived when Booker, the high-profile mayor-turned-senator, had the job.
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  8. Rubio And Cruz Release Tax Returns, Piling Pressure On Donald Trump

    The returns show the Rubios adjusted gross income was $335,561 in 2014, the most recent year he made available. He paid almost $65,000 in income taxes, a 19.3 percent rate.
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  9. Coming Home: After the Military, Finding Work

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  10. US 36 Express Lanes Log Almost 950K Tolls

    About 97 percent of the monthly license plate toll bills were under $15, officials say.
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