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  1. He Had One Week To Make A Movie For The Slum Film Festival

    The filmmaker is 21. He had to direct and star in a movie — his first movie, in fact. He was really, really stressed. Would he make the deadline?
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  2. Martin Milner, Star Of 'Adam-12' And 'Route 66,' Dies At 83

    Actor Martin Milner, whose work as Officer Pete Malloy introduced generations of Americans to a tough and honorable policeman on Adam-12, died on Sunday.
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  3. New Ferguson Judge Overhauls Municipal Courts

    Among several reforms, Judge Donald McCullin ordered that all arrest warrants issued in Ferguson before 2015 be withdrawn.
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  4. Why A Vaccine That Works Only A Third Of The Time Is Still A Good Deal

    The first vaccine against a parasite — one that causes malaria — was recommended for approval. It's not as effective as researchers had hoped. But they still think it could make a big difference.
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  5. Trump: 'I Know So Many Muslims Who Are Fabulous People'

    In interviews with the Sunday news shows, Trump dodged questions about whether he really believed that President Obama was a foreign-born Muslim.
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  6. What's Next For Iran? 5 Possible Futures, From Disaster To Hope

    In the wake of the nuclear deal, NPR asked five Iran watchers to sketch out visions of what they think will happen in Iran and the broader Middle East, and in its relations with the West.
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  7. Sharon Van Etten, 'Just Like Blood'

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  8. Doubts Rise About Surge In Statin Prescriptions For Oldest Americans

    About a third of people over the age of 79 are taking a cholesterol-lowering statin to prevent the first occurrence of a heart attack or stroke. Proof is scant that the benefits outweigh the risks.
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  9. In Loaded Launch Event, New Apple TV May Merit Closest Look

    While Apple's new phones and tablet mostly follow the faster-bigger-sharper formula, Apple TV's voice functionality and app ecosystem could be a breakthrough.
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  10. Michael Graves, architect of the Denver Central Library, dies at age 80

    Architect and designer Michael Graves died Thursday at age 80. He designed the Denver Central Library, which opened in 1995.
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