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  1. FIFA Votes To Release At Least Some Of The Controversial World Cup Report

    Soccer's governing body also announced that it would not revisit the bidding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, because there were no legal grounds to do so.
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  2. Some Not-So-Conventional Wisdom About The Next Congress

    Will Republicans have to prove they can govern and will Democrats be totally irrelevant? Will the president's veto pen get a workout? Here's a second look at some wisdom about the next Congress.
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  3. Sleeping Near A Smartphone Can Disturb A Child's Rest

    Lots of children have smartphones tucked under the pillow or on the nightstand. That may be enough to compromise sleep and make children feel less rested, a study finds.
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  4. California Bank Robbery Ends In Violent And Deadly Car Chase

    "The suspects had massive amounts of ammunition either taped to or strapped to their bodies," says the police chief of Stockton, Calif. Two suspects and one hostage died.
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  5. In One Map, The Dramatic Rise Of ISIS In Iraq And Syria

    The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, was created just last year, but it has seized many towns and cities in both countries. Here's an animated map showing its gains since the start of 2013.
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  6. Recovery Coach Helps An Addict Resist Heroin's Lure

    A Cape Cod treatment center says it is breaking addiction's hold — and saving money — by offering newly released patients daily, or even hourly, coaching by paid consultants.
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  7. Colorado state treasurer race: Walker Stapleton and Betsy Markey on the issues

    See where state treasurer candidates Republican Walker Stapleton and Democrat Betsy Markey stand on a range of issues.
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  8. Colorado secretary of state race: Neguse, Schambach and Williams on the issues

    See where secretary of state candidates Democrat Joe Neguse, Libertiarian David Schambach, and Republican Wayne Williams stand on a range of issues.
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  9. Strike up the band! Minnesota Orchestra lockout ends

    After 15 months, management and the musicians have agreed on a contract that will settle their dispute. The performers agreed to pay cuts and to pay more of their health care expenses. Management did not get concessions that were as large as they first sought.
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  10. Obama Orders Review Of Transfers Of Military Surplus To Local Police

    The White House says it will look at federal programs begun after Sept. 11, 2001, that have given local law enforcement military-grade weapons and equipment.
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