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  1. Mike Miles Quits As Dallas Schools Superintendent, Citing Family Reasons

    Miles joined DISD in July 2012 after six years as superintendent of the Harrison School District in Colorado Springs
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  2. Report: Mental health, communication efforts lagged after Boulder County floods

    The same report, by Boulder County Office of Emergency Management, says overall the county responded well to the disaster.
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  3. Colorado Supreme Court Affirms Delta County Town's Chicken Farms

    Neighbors tried to shut down the farms, arguing that the Delta County Board of Commissions made a biased decision on the issue.
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  4. WSJ Notes Colorado Symphony's Play For Gaming Crowd

    Orchestras may have found their master sword.
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  5. Police: Man Stole Nearly $6,000 In Liquor In Aspen Area

    The Snowmass Village Police Department says a 40-year-old Texan slipped Johnny Walker Blue, Don Perignon champagne, wine and other spirits into his baggy clothes.
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  6. To End Cycle Of Crime, Italian Judge Breaks Up Big-Time Mafia Families

    Roberto Di Bella puts kids of crime organization 'Ndrangheta into volunteer homes to keep them from entering the family business, where many have been implicated in drug-related crimes and homicides.
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  7. For Divorced Couples, Separate Plans OK To Repay Health Law Tax Credits

    The Internal Revenue Service will evenly divvy up the amount divorced or legally separated spouses owe if they have to repay an insurance tax credit — unless they agree to a different arrangement.
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  8. Changes In Safety And Diplomacy Are On Deck For Baseball's Opening Day

    New technology, new safety measures, and a new relationship with Cuba are what reporter Jesse Sanchez says will be the big stories in baseball this year.
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  9. Voters Unseat Prosecutors Criticized For Laquan McDonald And Tamir Rice Probes

    The top prosecutors in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and Cook County, Ill., were voted out in primaries Tuesday. Both have been under fire for their handling of fatal shootings by police.
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  10. Brahms put me to sleep – until I heard this

    The recent release featuring conductor Riccardo Chailly shows Brahms in a new light.
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