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  1. Pig Virus Continues To Spread, Raising Fears Of Pricier Bacon

    Porcine epidemic diarrhea, or PED, virus has killed about 1 million baby pigs in the U.S. since April. Its effect on the pork industry is small so far, but analysts say it could send pork prices rising if it isn't controlled.
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  2. With Senate's OK, $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Heads To Obama

    The wide-ranging federal spending bill will prevent any gaps in government funding as well as take some of the sting out of automatic spending cuts. The House approved it Wednesday.
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  3. Should Uber Be Responsible For Driver Recklessness?

    The family of a 6-year-old girl who was hit and killed by an Uber driver is suing the ride-sharing company. They say the driver was distracted by the mobile app he used to find his next fare.
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  4. Inexpensive Aquarium Bubbler Saves Preemies' Lives

    Students at Rice University designed a low-cost medical device to help premature infants breathe. The instrument, which uses a cheap aquarium pump, boosted the survival rate of newborns with respiratory problems by 60 percent at a rural hospital in Malawi.
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  5. Composer Howard Hanson of Wahoo, Nebraska: Local boy makes good

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  6. While U.S. Shivers, Australia And Brazil Sizzle

    While it's been extremely cold in the U.S., it's been extremely hot in some parts of the Southern Hemisphere. So hot, in fact, that bats are dropping out of trees Down Under.
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  7. Wanna Smoke? It Could Cost You A Tooth, The FDA Warns Teens

    Cigarette smoking costs you a lot more than money, a graphic new ad campaign warns teenagers. It's the Food and Drug Administration's first foray into slick messaging aimed at keeping teens from taking up cigarettes. Most long-term smokers started as teens.
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  8. Post-9/11 Panel Criticizes NSA Phone Data Collection

    An independent panel created after the 9/11 attacks says bulk collection of billions of American phone records violates the letter and the spirit of the law.
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  9. Keystone XL Pipeline Report Creates Political Headache For Obama

    A new State Department report that concludes the proposed 1,179-mile oil pipeline would not worsen global warming has alarmed environmentalists and increased the volume of Republican calls for its approval.
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  10. On opening day, Colorado legislative leaders focus on economy

    On the opening day of the legislative session, leaders of both parties in the Colorado House and Senate focused on the economy but with different ideas on how to spur growth.
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