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  1. A Harrowing, Mountain-Scaling Commute For Chinese Schoolkids

    To get to school, the children must trek as many as four hours up and down a 2,600-ft. mountainside, relying on rickety ladders. Their families see their education as a way out of poverty.
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  2. Most Humpback Whales Taken Off Endangered Species List

    The National Marine Fisheries Service says nine of the 14 distinct populations of humpback whales have recovered enough that they no longer need to be considered endangered.
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  3. Study Finds Students Of All Races Prefer Teachers Of Color

    Regardless of their own race, students had more favorable perceptions of teachers of color, according to a new study from New York University.
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  4. Hurricane Stays Offshore As It Moves Up Florida's Coast, Nears Georgia, Carolinas

    The National Hurricane Center says Matthew is a Category 3 storm with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph. The strongest winds are so far staying offshore, but forecasters warn that could change.
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  5. Sanders Endorses Clinton, But Colorado's Democratic Delegates Are Still Split

    Two Colorado delegates to the Democratic National Convention debate the merits of their preferred candidates.
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  6. New Year's Eve, OpenAir style

    Still looking for a way to ring in 2012, kick 2011 to the curb, or celebrate a great year? We're here to guide you through all the best musical offerings Colorado has this New Year's Eve.
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  7. Across The Globe, Our Diets Are Making Us Sicker, Report Finds

    The good news: fewer hungry people around the world. The bad news: Increased consumption of processed foods is pushing up global rates of overweight and obesity.
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  8. VIDEO: A 4-Year-Old With A Crossover Dribble

    Basketball player Josiah Brown can dribble with either hand; he has a spin move and he regularly hits shots from outside the lane. But he's still just 4.
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  9. New Jersey Commuter Train Was Speeding Before Crash

    The train was traveling at twice the speed limit as it entered Hoboken Terminal, according to a preliminary examination of video and data records recovered from the wreckage.
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  10. Eric D. Johnson Revives Fruit Bats-- And His Music Career-- For 'Absolute Loser'

    The singer-songwriter told us about disowning the name he performed under for 16 years, and why he brought it back for the new album "Absolute Loser."
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