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  1. High-Profile Russian Trials Bring International Criticism

    The conviction of a Ukrainian filmmaker is one of several cases in Russia that have drawn protests from human-rights groups and Western governments, including the U.S.
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  2. Best-Selling Novelist Jackie Collins Dies At 77

    The author, whose books sold more than 500 million copies, has died of breast cancer, her family says in a statement.
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  3. Colorado Springs NAACP office shuts down

    The branch's president, Henry Allen Jr., said he's seeking help from NAACP headquarters.
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  4. Unemployment falls dramatically in Colorado cities in past year

    Federal figures show unemployment rate falls in all of Colorado's metro areas.
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  5. Denver mayor bans city-funded travel to Indiana

    Denver will not condone discrimination through the use of taxpayer dollars, Hancock says.
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  6. Why A Vaccine That Works Only A Third Of The Time Is Still A Good Deal

    The first vaccine against a parasite — one that causes malaria — was recommended for approval. It's not as effective as researchers had hoped. But they still think it could make a big difference.
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  7. U.S. Sees Uptick In Number Of Children Crossing Its Southern Border

    In August, 4,506 children were apprehended along the Southwest border. The Obama administration said the 8 percent increase from last month was "concerning."
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  8. To Learn More, This High-Schooler Left The Classroom

    Nick Bain, 17, was in class one day when he calculated that only "2 1/2 to three hours" was actually useful instruction. So he decided to go out on his own to learn.
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  9. Sharon Van Etten, 'Just Like Blood'

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  10. No Blank Slate, Baby: Taylor Swift Is The Soul Of Ryan Adams

    Adams' 1989 recognizes a rock lineage born of a woman. He's not legitimizing Swift's work – he's figuring out how her voice can validate and include his.
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