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  1. Vegas Water Manager Reassigned For Poisoning Children's Drinks 15 Years Ago

    Jerome Breland was overseeing water safety for North Las Vegas when a complaint regarding his past conviction spurred an investigation and his job reassignment.
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  2. Steamboat Springs Faces Costly Howelsen Hill Repairs

    The most recent mudslide on Howelsen Hill cost the city $355,000 in repairs.
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  3. The Stethoscope: Timeless Tool Or Outdated Relic?

    Why is a 200-year-old icon of the medical field still in wide use in the digital age? Some say modern tools are more informative and worth the extra cost, but the stethoscope has staunch defenders.
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  4. Rubio Tries To Sell The New Face Of The GOP Establishment To S.C. Voters

    The Florida senator needs a rebound in the state's GOP primary after a disappointing New Hampshire finish. And he's hoping the backing of the state's young, diverse leadership can help him do that.
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  5. No state money for contraceptive program after amendment fails at Capitol

    The vote was party line, with Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed.
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  6. 500,000 People Reportedly Flee Mosul After Iraqi City Falls

    A surprising takeover by extremist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has forced thousands of residents of Mosul to seek refuge.
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  7. Grand Theft Vino: Higher Wine Prices Are Attracting More Thieves

    Wine theft is on the upswing — particularly of very high-end, irreplaceable bottles. Some restaurants and wineries have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of wine in a single heist.
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  8. As The Lead Cools, Some See Their New Year Take Shape

    Is that a cross? A ship with a figurehead? It's only human to wonder what the future will hold, especially on the threshold of a new year. In one German tradition, fortune-seekers drop molten lead into cold water — then it's anyone's guess what the strange shapes portend.
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  9. When Men Get Breast Cancer, They Enter A World Of Pink

    Most breast cancer cases are in women, so treatment and support are geared toward them. Men with breast cancer can feel isolated. One man was given a pink ice pack and told to put it in his bra.
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  10. 6 Scenarios That Could Play Out On Super Tuesday

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are expected to up their delegate leads and pull away from their rivals. But those aren't the only things that could happen. Be ready for surprises.
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