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  1. California Farmers Gulp Most Of State's Water, But Say They've Cut Back

    Farms in California use as much as four times the water consumed by cities and towns. Now farmers are on defense after the governor decided to mostly exempt them from new, sweeping water cutbacks.
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  2. When Rehab Might Help An Addict — But Insurance Won't Cover It

    Federal law requires insurance firms to cover treatment for addiction as they do treatment for other diseases. But some families say many drug users aren't getting the inpatient care they need.
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  3. Ben Lecomte Swam Across The Atlantic; Next He Tries The Pacific

    In 1998, Ben Lecomte swam across the Atlantic Ocean. The 47-year-old athlete is planning another historic plunge — this time swimming across the ocean on the other side of the country.
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  4. We Will Bury You: Russia Bulldozes Tons Of European Cheese, Other Banned Food

    Parmesan and Dutch cheese, Spanish ham, fruits, vegetables — all reportedly became fodder for the wheels of steamrollers and the flames of incinerators Thursday.
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  5. Route Set For First Women's USA Pro Challenge

    The women's race, set for Aug. 21-13, will coincide with the last few days of the men's contest that starts Aug. 17.
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  6. Measuring The Power Of A Prison Education

    Inmates who took college-level courses while in prison saw a 16 percent drop in their risk of reincarceration.
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  7. Denver to pay $50K to woman slammed into wall by cop

    Denver city councilors unanimously approved the settlement with Patricia Lucero Monday night.
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  8. Donald Trump's Evolution On Campaign Fundraising

    When the billionaire developer entered the presidential race, he drew a sharp line between other candidates — needy candidates, always trading favors for money — and himself.
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  9. How Denver may have risen to a mile high

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  10. Weld County workers not yet hurt by falling oil prices

    Experts say that the county is reliant on oil revenues.
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