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  1. Iran Reaches Framework Agreement With World Powers On Nuclear Program

    President Obama said that if fully implemented, the deal outlined today would prevent Iran "from obtaining a nuclear weapon."
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  2. Irene, A Ugandan Prostitute, Explains How To Use A Condom

    With her shy charm and sunny smile, she makes viewers realize that behind the label "sex worker" there's a sweet young mom, just trying to feed her kids.
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  3. Nurse Criticizes Quarantine After Negative Ebola Test, Hires Lawyer

    Kaci Hickox says she doesn't have a fever; a preliminary blood test came back negative for Ebola. She reportedly hired a civil rights attorney to work for her release Sunday.
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  4. Sandwich Monday: We're Full

    The Sandwich Monday team says "See you later." Then we say, "Are you gonna eat that?"
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  5. 'Charlie Hebdo' Staffer Pushes Back Against Writers' Opposition To Award

    "If you're standing for the freedom of expression, you can't be at one moment for this freedom of expression, and two or three minutes later, against that," film critic Jean-Baptiste Thoret says.
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  6. Like 'Dynasty' On Ice: The Nancy Kerrigan And Tonya Harding Museum

    Why would a couple of comedians build a museum in their hallway dedicated to figure skaters in 1994? Because the story of their rivalry, Kerrigan's attack and the media frenzy is just so American.
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  7. LA Schools To Apple: You Owe Us

    The Los Angeles Unified School District wants Apple to pay up for poorly performing software on its iPads.
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  8. 'Clintonomics' Ruled The 1990s; 'Hillarynomics' Would Be Different

    The name "Clinton" remains magic for many Americans who got jobs, bought homes and invested savings in the 1990s. But key elements of "Clintonomics" may not be popular with today's Democratic voters.
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  9. U.S. Operations Killed Two Hostages Held By Al-Qaida, Including An American

    Two Americans who worked for al-Qaida were also killed in the counterterrorism operations in January, the White House said. The two hostages killed included an Italian who had been held since 2012.
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  10. Creates credits for homeowners and building owners who are energy efficient

    What the bill would have done: Creates tax credits for homeowners and new buildings with certain energy savings levels.
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