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  1. Cubs Fans Keep The Faith After A Lifetime Of Losing, And It's Paying Off

    If you're a Chicago Cubs fan, it's always had to be about more than winning — until this year, when the world's most famous lovable losers have a better chance than ever to change their reputation.
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  2. STD Infections Rise To New Highs After States Close Health Clinics

    The CDC reports a sharp rise in infections of sexually transmitted diseases, and says lack of funding for state and local health clinics that help prevent spread of the diseases is a key factor.
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  3. Author Paula Reed Hester

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  4. Tens Of Thousands Of Verizon Workers Go On Strike

    Nearly 40,000 union workers on the East Coast, who haven't had a contract since August, have walked out. Among other things, they object to outsourcing and two-month location transfers of employees.
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  5. After Voters Reject Colombia Peace Deal, Guerrillas Are Left In Limbo

    FARC rebels are wondering whether they might be called back again into combat. Many hope not. After voters rejected a peace deal, "I could feel all my dreams falling apart," says one.
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  6. Ethiopia Declares Emergency, After New Outburst Of Protests And Violence

    One week after a deadly stampede touched off accusations of abuses, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn says the declaration is necessary to protect both property and citizens' lives.
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  7. Intruders Leave Trail Of ATM Parts After Failed Robbery Attempt

    The intruders got the ATM just past the front door of a Walgreens store early Thursday before giving up.
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  8. Solidly Republican For 48 Years, This Election Might Actually Put Utah In Play

    The leaked tape of Donald Trump may have been the last straw for voters in this heavily Mormon state. But their support isn't necessarily going straight to Hillary Clinton.
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  9. Collector's Crossroads: Something Borrowed

    The most recent Collector's Crossroads episode examines songs that tread the thin line between homage and outright theft.
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  10. 2008 Thanksgiving

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