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  1. Europe's Family Tree Gets A New Branch

    Genetic evidence from ancient humans and modern people suggests that travelers from northern Eurasia moved south several thousand years ago. They stuck around to have kids with early European farmers.
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  2. As Scotland Rejects Independence, Cameron Promises More Autonomy

    At final count, the "no" votes won by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent. The British prime minister said it had settled the question "for a generation."
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  3. Senate Approves Measure To Arm And Train Syrian Rebels

    The measure, approved in rare bipartisan fashion by both chambers, is now headed to President Obama's desk.
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  4. Why Colorado's Africans are a rising political force

    Africans make up Colorado's second-largest immigrant group, but until recently, they haven't played much of a role in the state's political life. That's changing now.
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  5. Mile High Noon: On the Road with Moss Pink

    This spring Alisha's taking Mile High Noon on the road to travel around our community and get to know what Colorado music you're listening to. Up next is Moss Pink Flora & Botanicals, just in time for Mother's Day!
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  6. New Islamic State Video Purports To Show Kidnapped British Journalist

    The man in the video says he is John Cantile, a British journalist and hostage. He asks why his government has abandoned him. NPR hasn't independently verified the video's authenticity.
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  7. 50 Years Before Ferguson, A Summer Of Riots Racked The U.S.

    In the summer of 1964, violent demonstrations spread across seven cities, each sparked by confrontations between black residents and their predominantly white police forces.
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  8. Some On Staten Island Opt For Buyout Of 'Houses That Don't Belong'

    As part of the ongoing recovery from Hurricane Sandy, New York's plan is to buy and demolish hundreds of homes on Staten and Long islands and let nature return as a barrier to future storm surges.
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  9. Love And Sex In The Time Of Viagra — 16 Years On

    Longer lives means more decades of intimacy. Drugs that help male physiology match desire have affected more than just the body, men who take these pills say.
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  10. Killing Comes Naturally To Chimps, Scientists Say

    A new study bolsters the theory that chimpanzees kill rivals as an adaptation to their natural environment and not as a result of human impact.
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