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  1. Attorney general: No testing waiver for Colorado school districts

    Colorado school districts hoping to skip new state English and math tests are out of luck.
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  2. Sheriff's deputies find 600 pot plants at home near Pueblo

    The man said he was growing medical marijuana for himself, but acknowledged the number of plants exceeded the amount permitted by law.
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  3. Wilderness therapy appears to help vets; VA has yet to be persuaded

    The Veterans Affairs administration will likely want more hard data before implementing large-scale programs, reports High Country News.
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  4. Great albums turning 10 this year: Sleater-Kinney and the class of 2005

    Take a look back at the music of 2005, and enter to win tickets to Sleater-Kinney's SOLD OUT Denver show on Feb. 12.
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  5. Buck pledges to look at sexual assaults at the Air Force Academy

    A Defense Department survey found that one in 10 female cadets reported unwanted sexual contact in the 2013-2014 academic year.
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  6. Aspen's child care shortage is even tougher on low-income families

    Poor parents looking for child care face a steep price tag.
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  7. Record flu hospitalizations for Colorado this season

    The health department reports more than 2,700 hospitalizations from 57 counties.
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  8. Jail Terms Handed To Most Atlanta Teachers Convicted In Cheating Scandal

    A judge on Monday gave the 10 defendants a chance to negotiate with prosecutors. They each face up to 20 years in prison for their role in the largest cheating scandal in U.S. education.
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  9. In Wyoming, scientists play 'mule deer rodeo' to study migration

    Scientists in Wyoming are using helicopters, gun-fired nets and slings to capture and airlift mule deer from the wilderness to testing sites.
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  10. The Fences Where Spain And Africa Meet

    Spain has two tiny enclaves in North Africa, separated from Morocco by fences. Both of them are hugely tempting targets for migrants from across Africa who are desperate to reach Europe.
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