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  1. After 50-Year Legal Struggle, Mississippi School District Ordered To Desegregate

    The town of Cleveland is divided by a railroad track — and its schools are divided by race. For 50 years, the district has said it will fix the problem; a judge says the schools will have to merge.
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  2. Bodycam Video Shows Police Shooting Of Unarmed 19-Year-Old In Fresno

    Dylan Noble was shot by officers at a traffic stop on June 25, including shots fired after he was lying on the ground. The police have now released video of the incident.
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  3. 'This Has Happened Far Too Often,' Obama Says, After 3 Officers Killed

    For the second time in under a week, President Obama called for unity after the shooting deaths of multiple police officers. A shooting in Baton Rouge, La., left three law enforcement officers dead.
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  4. Zika Epidemic May Have Peaked But Will Threaten U.S. For Years

    Scientists have evidence that the epidemic in Latin America may have started to subside. But the U.S. isn't out of the woods yet.
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  5. After 40-Year Detour, 'Squidbillies' Voiceover Actor Graduates College

    Bobby Ellerbee tells NPR's Linda Wertheimer that he bonded with his much-younger University of Georgia classmates over the cartoon "Squidbillies," on which he voices the sheriff.
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  6. Author Paula Reed Hester

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  7. Like These Books? Here Are 60+ Things You Might Also Like...

    You know that feeling when you put down a great book and all you want is more? We took 27 recent books and paired them with movies, musicals, TV shows, comics and podcasts to keep your buzz going.
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  8. Sherpas First To Climb Mount Everest After 2 Years Of Avalanches

    This week nine Sherpas became the first to climb Mt. Everest since a deadly avalanche in 2014 and an earthquake last year. The guides hope more climbers return to the slopes.
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  9. OpenAir's Summer Music Sampler: The 2016 Underground Music Showcase

    Get acquainted with UMS artists like Adia Victoria, Altas, Sunflower Bean and more via our latest music sampler.
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  10. One Year After Fatal Amtrak Derailment, Still Waiting For Answers

    The National Transportation Safety Board has scheduled a meeting next week to detail the probable cause of the accident, which killed 8 people and injured more than 200.
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