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  1. Author Paula Reed Hester

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  2. Truck Driver Charged With Human Smuggling After 10 Die In Stifling Conditions

    James Matthew Bradley Jr., who could face the death penalty if convicted, says he didn't know dozens of immigrants were crammed in the back of a tractor-trailer he parked in a San Antonio parking lot.
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  3. Denver City Council OKs Artists Living In DIY Spaces Being Brought Up To Code, With Limits

    Our timeline reviews the two years the city has been working with artists and organizations to come up with a viable solution for the out-of-code DIY venues.
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  4. Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election — To GOP's Glee

    Republicans were able to effectively tie House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to losing candidate Jon Ossoff in Georgia. It's a strategy they've used for years and don't plan to abandon anytime soon.
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  5. Uncertainty Over Obamacare Leaves Next Year's Rates In Limbo

    While Washington ponders the future of the Affordable Care Act, health insurers need to decide right now what to charge people for health insurance in 2018. "It's insane," says one CEO.
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  6. 40 Years After 'Star Wars' Error, Newspaper Apologizes To Wookiee Community

    In its 1977 review, The Dallas Morning News called Chewbacca a "Wookie." Now, on the film's 40th anniversary, the long national nightmare has ended. On that note: We, too, have something to confess.
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  7. One Year On, Theresa May Keeps Fragile Grip On Her Job As British Prime Minister

    After a disastrous June election in which her party lost parliamentary seats, many wonder how long the prime minister will stay in office. The opposition says May is heading a "zombie government."
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  8. 2008 Thanksgiving

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  9. More Than 10 Years After Alleged Sexual Assault, Bill Cosby Trial To Begin

    A year and a half after Cosby was charged with felony counts of sexual assault over a 2004 encounter, which Cosby maintains was consensual, jury selection is to begin Monday in Philadelphia.
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  10. North Korea Launches Tourism Site — Weeks After Jailed U.S. Tourist's Death

    The website promises a "beautiful and picturesque landscape." Pay no mind to the occasional missile test or the arrest, 15-year prison sentence and eventual death of American tourist Otto Warmbier.
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