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  1. Colorado Public Radio hires third arts position, completing new bureau

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  2. Poet: The Night Mother Nature Went Insane

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  3. Small Syrian Border Town Magnifies Rift Between Rebel Groups

    An al-Qaida offshoot has taken Azaz from Western-backed Free Syrian Army fighters, demonstrating the growing power of jihadists. Azaz, an economic gateway between Syria and Turkey, is now cut off.
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  4. Thursday morning update on the Boulder floods

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  5. Youth Interrupted: Myanmar's Underage, Illiterate Workers

    Child labor is not a minor social blight in the country, it's a pillar of the economy — and it looks a lot like child labor in the U.S. circa the Industrial Revolution. As Myanmar opens to the world, its child labor practices are likely to face greater scrutiny.
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  6. U.N. Must Battle 'Cold Logic Of Mass Graves,' Obama Says

    Nations will disagree about when and how to stop tyrants from committing mass murder, the president told the U.N. But he made the case that the international community must do more to prevent atrocities. Obama also used his address to say the U.S. is encouraged by signs of moderation from Iran.
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  7. Praise Pours In For Dairy Queen Manager Who Helped A Blind Man

    Joey Prusak saw a visually impaired man drop a $20 bill — and then watched as another customer picked it up and tried to say it was hers. The story of what he did next went viral. Prusak refused to serve the woman who had pocketed the money and gave the blind customer $20 from his own pocket.
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  8. ACLU Posts Suspicious Activity Reports Online

    Document requests by the ACLU of Northern California have produced an inside look at the records of suspicious activity reports gathered by federal authorities. The feds appear to be keeping files on people based on tips that fall far below the threshold of reasonable suspicion.
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  9. Company That Vetted Aaron Alexis Is Under Criminal Investigation

    USIS, which processes thousands of background checks a year for the U.S., is being investigated for "systemic failure" to adequately vet employees and contractors. The company would not comment on the specifics of the Alexis investigation.
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  10. FBI Chief: Gunman Was 'Wandering Around Looking For People To Shoot'

    In his first remarks to reporters since taking office this month, FBI Director Jim Comey addressed security concerns following the Navy Yard shootings that left 13 people dead. He also talked about sequestration and leaks on government surveillance programs.
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