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  1. Missouri Slow To Advance A Post-Ferguson Agenda

    While several states have passed new laws aimed to curb excessive force by police, there's been surprisingly little traction in Missouri, where Michael Brown's death spurred international protests.
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  2. Supreme Court Thwarts Efforts To Put Obamacare On Life Support

    Thursday's court ruling upheld subsidies nationwide under the Affordable Care Act. And unlike the court's previous Obamacare ruling, the majority was unified and the tone was broad.
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  3. LA Police Unit Intervenes To Get Mentally Ill Treatment, Instead Of Jail

    When cops in Los Angeles encounter people who may be mentally ill, there's a specialized unit that can offer help on the spot.
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  4. Denver attorney Christina Brown reflects on efforts to free detained immigrants

    Christina Brown led a pro bono effort to help mothers and their kids fleeing violence in Central America. She's back in Denver as detentions continue.
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  5. REELZ TV Network Will Air Miss USA Pageant

    After two TV networks, Univision and NBC, dropped broadcasts of Miss USA and Miss Universe – pageants which Trump co-owns – a different network will broadcast the programming, according to The AP
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  6. Amazon's 'Catastrophe' Isn't One — Unlike Some TV Rom-Coms

    Amazon on Friday debuts a comedy about an American man and Irish woman united by an unexpected pregnancy. NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says it's a wonderful, fresh vision of romance on TV.
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  7. Bergdahl Hearing Postponed Until September

    The hearing that will decide whether the U.S. Army sergeant accused of desertion will face a court martial has been pushed back from July to September.
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  8. How Mexico Quietly Legalized Same-Sex Marriage

    A series of low-profile court rulings culminated with a Supreme Court decision this month that says limiting marriage to a man and a woman was discriminatory and in violation of the constitution.
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  9. Small Donors Fueled Sanders' $15 Million Fundraising Haul

    The Vermont senator's campaign said its average contribution was $33.51, but reliance on small donors cuts both ways.
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  10. Justices Deeply Divided Over Same-Sex-Marriage Arguments

    Justice Kennedy, seen as the determinative vote in the same-sex-marriage cases before the Supreme Court, was very tough on gay-marriage advocates.
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