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  1. Supreme Court Gives Police New Power To Rely On Anonymous Tips

    The court ruled that police can stop and search a driver based solely on an anonymous 911 tip. The 5-4 decision split the court's two most conservative justices.
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  2. At Indictment, Pakistan's Musharraf Asserts His Innocence

    The former president and general is accused of treason. "Is this the way to reward someone for being loyal to the country and for loving the country?" he asked the court.
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  3. Judge OKs WikiLeaker Manning's Name Change To 'Chelsea'

    The ex-U.S. Army intelligence analyst formerly known as Bradley Manning, made the request to reflect a change in gender identity.
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  4. Obama Gets A Taste Of Jiro's 'Dream' Sushi In Name Of Diplomacy

    On the first leg of his Asian tour, the president stopped by the iconic sushi restaurant. David Gelb, who directed a documentary about the restaurant, says eating there is amazing and nerve-wracking.
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  5. Obama Assures Japan Of U.S. Security Commitment

    The president is on the first stop in an eight-day trip to Asia that also will see him visit Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea.
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  6. New Heat Treatment Has Changed Lives For Some With Severe Asthma

    About 10 percent of people with asthma aren't able to control it with medicine. The procedure delivers zaps of energy that burn off the outer layer of smooth muscle cells in the lungs' airways. That way there's less muscle to contract.
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  7. Addicted teen struggles to break marijuana habit

    A 17-year-old Adams City High senior is trying to quit her heavy pot habit in a groundbreaking treatment program adapted for schools.
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  8. My Journey From Homeless Drug Addict To Magna Cum Laude

    "I went after my recovery like I did my drugs and found I was able to accomplish anything I truly wanted," says Daney Hill, who now works with addicted and imprisoned mothers.
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  9. Shooting At Fort Hood Leaves 4 Dead, 16 Injured

    The suspected shooter at the Texas Army post is Ivan Lopez, a Pentagon official tells NPR. Authorities say he was being evaluated for PTSD and treated for depression.
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  10. RIYL: The Black Keys

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