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  1. After Three Losses, Master Go Player Scores A Win Against Computer

    Google's AlphaGo program has already won the best-of-five match against Lee Sedol. But Sedol now has ensured it won't be a clean sweep by getting a victory in on game four.
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  2. Mylan CEO Claims EpiPens Aren't As Profitable As Everyone Thinks

    In testimony prepared for a Congressional hearing, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch says the company makes about $50 in profit on each EpiPen. Analysts say it's still a hefty margin.
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  3. Decathlon Winner Ashton Eaton Repeats As The 'World's Greatest Athlete'

    Eaton, 28, became one of the few men in Olympic history to repeat as a decathlon champion. His victory came just days after his wife, Brianne, won the bronze in the women's heptathlon.
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  4. Clarence Moses-EL Walks Out Of Denver Jail

    Imprisoned for 28 years for a rape he denies committing, he says being released from custody is the "moment of my life."
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  5. Colorado Marijuana Sales Total Near $1 Billion In 2015

    Marijuana shops sold $996 million of pot in 2015, an increase of about $300 million from the previous year.
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  6. Saline Nose Spray Might Help Tame Severe Nosebleeds

    People with a rare genetic disorder that causes severe nosebleeds did better when they used saline nose spray. And that remedy should also help people with plain old nosebleeds.
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  7. What Santa Gave Your Senator This Year

    In a year that featured divisive fights over the budget, health care and presidential nominations, 65 members of the U.S. Senate took a break from partisan bickering Tuesday night to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange.
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  8. At Issue? Getting A Spot On Colorado's Ballot

    Campaigns are now collecting signatures to put issues such as energy and health care on the ballot.
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  9. For Kids, Anxiety About School Can Feel Like 'Being Chased By A Lion'

    Anxiety is the most frequently diagnosed mental disorder in children. A unique school in Fairfax, Va., tries to help students with severe anxiety who have trouble going to class.
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  10. Epic Climate Cartoon Goes Viral But It Has One Key Problem

    People talk a lot about the warming of the Earth by a few degrees. Now a cartoon shows you what it looks like.
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