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  1. Scott Walker's Anti-Union Push May Not Prove So Easy As President

    His candidacy has floundered, so the Wisconsin governor is going back to what made him a hero to Republicans — taking on labor unions. But his sweeping efforts will likely run into stiff resistance.
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  2. Virginia Governor: 'Clearly Too Many Guns In the Wrong Hands'

    Gov. Terry McAuliffe promised to introduce gun-control legislation. McAuliffe spoke two days after a gunman killed two journalists during a live broadcast.
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  3. Ukraine Says It Can't Withdraw Weapons, Citing Attacks During Truce

    Noting deadly attacks by Russian-backed separatists who have renewed a push near the southern port city of Mariupol, Ukraine says it can't withdraw heavy weapons from the front lines.
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  4. No More Swiping: New Credit Cards Designed To Reduce Theft

    Thursday is the beginning of the end for magnetic-stripe credit cards. With the change, banks say stores will have to pay for fraudulent purchases. The shift may be hard for some small retailers.
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  5. What We Lose When A Neighborhood School Goes Away

    The fight over a closure of a struggling public high school in Chicago raises questions about what's disrupted and upended when a community loses one of its central institutions.
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  6. Darryl Dawkins, The NBA's 'Chocolate Thunder,' Has Died

    Dawkins played 13 seasons in the NBA after being drafted out of high school by the Philadelphia 76ers. At 6 feet, 11 inches and more than 250 pounds, he broke two glass backboards in one month.
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  7. Defrocked Archbishop Dies Awaiting Trial On Sex Abuse Charges

    Former Polish Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was accused of paying for sex with children and possessing child pornography while he served as the Holy See's ambassador to Dominican Republic.
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  8. Nearly $2B pours into downtown Denver office, residential growth

    The report paints a picture of a downtown that has shifted dramatically from a primarily commercial center to a place people want to live too.
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  9. Glitches Galore: A Brief History Of Technical Problems On Wall Street

    Computer-related problems on the New York Stock Exchange halted trading for more than three hours on Wednesday, but it was not a one-off.
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  10. Woolly Mammoth: Shearer Saves Hugely Overgrown Sheep

    A sheep found in the wild in Australia had to undergo emergency shearing — 89 pounds, 3 ounces of wool was cut away. The sheep's weight reportedly dropped by half.
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