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  1. Help Arrives, But South African Miners Refuse To Be Rescued

    An unknown number of men remain below ground. They're resisting rescue because they don't want to be arrested, as 22 of their colleagues were after being rescued. The men have reportedly been mining for gold illegally.
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  2. IVF Baby Boom: Births From Fertility Procedures Hit New High

    Doctors performed more in vitro fertilization procedures and delivered more IVF babies in 2012 than ever before, researchers reported Monday. The rate of multiple births has declined, however, as couples have chosen to use fewer embryos during IVF.
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  3. Food Industry Groups Say They'll Label GMOs, On Their Terms

    In an open acknowledgement that many consumers are annoyed that GMO ingredients aren't labeled, a coalition announced Thursday that it does support labeling. But it wants a federal standard to be voluntary, and it wants to keep states from passing any more mandatory labeling measures.
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  4. Hill After Hill, Hundreds Crank Away In Pittsburgh Bike Race

    The weekend after Thanksgiving, a 30-year Pittsburgh tradition gets underway — the annual Dirty Dozen bike race. It's when some of the city's toughest residents tackle its steepest hills.
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  5. Panama To Free Crewmembers Of Seized North Korean Ship

    The Chong Chon Gang and its crew of 35 have been held since July, when Panamanian authorities found Cuban weapons aboard in violation of U.N. sanctions against Pyongyang.
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  6. Little-Known Immigration Mandate Keeps Detention Beds Full

    A congressional directive requires U.S. detention centers to fill 34,000 beds per night. Supporters say it ensures that the nation's immigration laws are being enforced. But critics say housing a fixed number of immigrants at any given time is inhumane, inefficient and too expensive.
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  7. Colorado's US Senators vote to end discrimination against LGBT community

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  8. Snowden's Leaks About NSA Lead To Awards For 4 Reporters

    Journalists who broke the news in The Guardian and The Washington Post are among those receiving this year's George Polk Awards in Journalism. Without their work, the stories "would not have seen the light of day."
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  9. A Denver Family Of Doctors Has Seen Medicine Transformed

    Bureaucracy and mammoth student loans weren't part of the package for Dr. Michael Sawyer's father and grandfather. Still, like them, he feels medicine is a calling. A fourth generation of Sawyers is thinking about whether to carry on the tradition.
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  10. LA Mayor: 'The Basics Have Been Neglected For Too Long'

    Eric Garcetti says he wants to reinvent Los Angeles and promote its diversity, food and innovators — but first, he says, he's going to focus on a less-glamorous agenda: infrastructure.
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