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  1. Bear That Bit Durango Campers Linked To Earlier Attacks

    DNA testing of hair samples shows a bear for two separate attacks near Durango.
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  2. EPA Contractor That Caused Gold King Mine Spill Still On Clean-Up

    That information came up during a joint congressional hearing on Thursday.
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  3. On Eve Of Katrina Anniversary, Bush Takes A Tour Of New Orleans 10 Years On

    Former President George W. Bush is visiting the city on Friday in honor of the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. His administration was criticized for how it dealt with the storm's aftermath.
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  4. 'Dentist Of Horror' Allegedly Mutilated Scores Of Patients In France

    Jacobus Van Nierop arrived in the French town of Chateau-Chinon in 2008. Now he faces charges of aggravated assault and fraud amid gruesome stories from people who said they had been under his care.
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  5. Peanut Mush In Infancy Cuts Allergy Risk. New Study Adds To Evidence

    A second big study affirms new thinking: Exposing high-risk kids to peanuts beginning in infancy reduces the chance of developing a peanut allergy. This peanut tolerance holds up as kids get older.
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  6. California Insurance Marketplace Aims To Kick Out Poor-Performing Hospitals

    Doctors, hospitals and insurers are balking at a Covered California proposal to eject providers of care that have inordinately high costs and low quality from its networks.
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  7. From Ugly To Hip: Misfit Fruits And Veggies Coming To Whole Foods

    Lots of tasty and nutritious produce ends up in landfills because it fails to meet retail beauty standards. Now, Whole Foods and Giant Eagle say they're ready to pilot sales of these wonky edibles.
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  8. My first record: Alisha Sweeney

    In the days leading up to this year's Record Store Day on April 19, the OpenAir hosts will share the story of their first-ever record purchases, however memorable or misguided they may have been. Last up is late morning host Alisha Sweeney.
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  9. FDA To Increase Access To Generic Morning-After Pills

    Last July, when the FDA approved unrestricted sale of Plan B One-Step, it also granted the drug's maker three years of protection from generic competition. Now the agency has reconsidered.
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  10. This Gene Could Turn Your Hair Gray

    Is stress turning your hair gray? Your ancestors may have something to do with it, too. Scientists say they've found the first genetic variant associated with going gray.
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