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  1. Killing Of Unarmed Black Man By White Officer Sparks Protests In Arizona

    Phoenix police say the officer saw Rumain Brisbon reach into his pocket for something that turned out to be a bottle of oxycodone pills.
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  2. Photos: Father Of Santa Barbara Killer Meets Victim's Dad

    Richard Martinez made national news when he railed against politicians. Earlier this month, he made good on his promise to meet with the killer's dad to talk about how they could make things better.
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  3. Strange Americans at OpenAir

    Strange Americans dropped into the CPR Performance Studio last month to perform three new songs and chat with host Keefer Fulgham.
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  4. Is This A Goat Or A Sheep? It's Harder Than You Think

    True confession: Our editors mistook a sheep for a goat. Now we've learned a lot about how cool sheep really are. Maybe our blog should be ... "Sheep and Soda?"
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  5. 7 ways to talk with your teens about marijuana

    With Colorado legalizing marijuana, parents’ conversations with kids about the drug are more challenging.
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  6. Weekly Music News: Thurston Moore, Lorde, and more

    This week in music news: Thurston Moore forms new band with Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine members, Thom Yorke does surprise DJ set for 30 people, and more.
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  7. 13,000 Modern Slaves Working In U.K., London Says

    The Home Office says a re-analysis of its statistics shows more trafficked individuals — including women and children forced into prostitution — than previously thought.
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  8. Before 'Brown V. Board,' Mendez Fought California's Segregated Schools

    Latino families sued four Orange County school districts over school segregation. The case, Mendez v. Westminster, ended school segregation in California seven years before Brown v. Board.
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  9. Islamic State Defector: 'If You Turn Against ISIS, They Will Kill You'

    A Syrian defector from the self-proclaimed Islamic State says he had happy moments when he first joined the militants. But he began to see brutality and cruelty that was impossible for him to support.
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  10. Study: Just 20 percent of female campus sexual assault victims go to police

    Justice Department research finds that women ages 18-24 who aren't enrolled in college are more likely than those who are in school to report having been assaulted.
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