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  1. Denver Lyric Opera Guild

    • Saturday, March 25, 2017 1:00pm to 5:00pm
    CPR Classical · Event
  2. WATCH: SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon 9 Rocket, Months After Blast

    The private space company's Falcon 9 rocket is bearing 10 satellites into orbit. SpaceX's launch came months after a blast wrecked its most recent test.
    CPR News · NPR Story
  3. Trump Attacks Civil Rights Hero Lewis As 'All Talk' After He Questions His Legitimacy

    The Georgia Democratic congressman said in an interview Friday he didn't view Trump as a "legitimate president" amid reports that Russian cyberattacks had intended to influence the elections.
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  4. An Effort To Revive Colorado’s First State Song, ‘Where The Columbines Grow’

    Adopted in 1915, A.J. Fynn’s song is little known today. Constitutional law scholar Rob Natelson wants to change that.
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  5. After 22 Years, Is NAFTA Headed Back To The Drawing Board?

    NAFTA has long united the economies of the United States, Mexico and Canada. With Donald Trump headed to the White House, trade partners say they're open to talks.
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  6. Golden Years, Iron Bars: Japan Sees Rise In Crime By The Elderly

    Senior citizens are committing crimes like shoplifting in bigger numbers than teenagers, and the threat of jail time doesn't seem to be a deterrent.
    CPR News · NPR Story
  7. After Teenage Mistakes, Pardons Give Second Chances To Ex-Offenders

    More than a hundred New Yorkers who were convicted of crimes as teenagers are starting the new year with clean slates. They were granted pardons in the first program of its kind in the country.
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  8. Rural Hanover School District Will Vote On Whether To Arm Teachers And Staff

    The move comes four years to the day after the shooting that killed 20 children and six employees in Newtown, Conn.
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  9. After Nightclub Attack, Fear Descends On Secular Turks

    After the New Year's attack on a nightclub in Istanbul that left 39 dead, secular Turks feel like years of pressure are now outright danger. Some are leaving areas that could be targets for attack.
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  10. Waking Life: A Music Mix For January 2017

    The latest Waking Life playlist from morning host Jeremy Petersen rounds up his favorite songs of 2016. Listen to the Spotify playlist.
    CPR's OpenAir · Blog Post