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  1. Iraqi Christian Village: From Sanctuary To Ghost Town In 2 Months

    Villagers in Al-Qoush opened homes and schools to Iraqis fleeing the advance of the Islamic State. But that was June. Now it's a ghost town, as silent as it's 6th-century monastery.
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  2. Why Patients Aren't Coming To Liberia's Redemption Hospital

    At this government-run facility Redemption Hospital in Monrovia, doctors and nurses try to provide care as best they can. But since the Ebola outbreak, many people are afraid to come.
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  3. When Do Food Shortages Become A Famine? There's A Formula For That

    The U.S. government has a detailed and technical system for determining a famine. But conditions in South Sudan make it extremely difficult to assess just how dire the situation is.
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  4. In Fixing Recalled Cars, GM Dealers Hope To Wow Customers

    General Motors has recalled 29 million autos in the U.S. so far this year. Dealers replacing the faulty parts aren't just fixing cars. They're repairing customers' relationships with the automaker.
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  5. Rival Leaders, Rival Governments In Libya As Crisis Deepens

    Days after Islamist militias captured Tripoli's airport, the outgoing Parliament picked a new Islamist-backed government. Neighboring Egypt says the development threatens the entire region.
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  6. Flight Diverted When Passengers Feud Over Reclining Seat

    One man used a $22 device that jammed a fellow passenger's seat. The ensuing fight ended when the woman threw a cup of water at the man and the airline diverted the flight.
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  7. Formula Roofing & Remodeling

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  8. Obama Considers Widening Strikes Against Islamic State Militants

    The president has approved surveillance flights over Syria to search for targets for possible airstrikes. But critics of the administration say that may not be enough.
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  9. How Foster Farms Is Solving The Case Of The Mystery Salmonella

    Foster Farms has been accused of poisoning its customers with salmonella bacteria. But in recent months, the company has become a leader in the poultry industry's fight against the foodborne pathogen.
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  10. 5 tips for your Colorado garden as harvest nears

    Expert gardener Larry Stebbins is back on CPR’s “Colorado Matters” to answer listeners’ queries about gardening and to provide a taste of some rare strains of garlic.
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