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  1. In new life outside, Colorado parolee stumbles-- then succeeds

    Parolee Kevin Monteiro finds stability after prison through his job directing traffic at construction sites and by living a simple life in his new apartment. This is the third in a five-part series.
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  2. Body Found In Search For Missing 11-Year-Old Rafter

    A boy has been missing since Wednesday after he fell off of a raft outside of Salida.
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  3. Rocky Flats Lounge Closes After Fire

    The bar's owner Wyman Stacey says he'd like to reopen, but is waiting for direction from the property's owner.
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  4. 62-year-old literary litterer didn't know 'anybody even cared' about his acts

    "I didn't even know anybody even cared," Plasden told the paper after being reached at his work.
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  5. How Many People Have Died In Police Confrontations This Year?

    The Washington Post says almost 400 people have died in confrontations with police so far this year across the country.
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  6. Could Dave Terbush of Cherry Creek Schools be next national Janitor of the Year?

    A Dakota Valley Elementary School janitor is among the top 10 finalists for Janitor of the Year.
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  7. New Year's Day Concert in Vienna: What's new and newsworthy for 2014

    Daniel Barenboim returns as the Vienna Philharmonic grapples with the past.
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  8. Gov. Hickenlooper taking second term oath at Colorado Capitol

    Here are five things to know about Colorado's inaugural ceremonies and celebrations Tuesday.
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  9. Trial delayed for anti-gang activist accused of attempted murder

    Terrance Roberts, the former gang leader turned anti-violence activist, is accused of shooting Hassan Jones five times at a peace rally in Denver.
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  10. A Few Years In, Fountain Police Seeing Benefits Of Body Cameras

    The Fountain Police Department officially started using body cameras in 2013.
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