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  1. One Year After Fatal Amtrak Derailment, Still Waiting For Answers

    The National Transportation Safety Board has scheduled a meeting next week to detail the probable cause of the accident, which killed 8 people and injured more than 200.
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  2. Floods In Paraguay, Argentina And Uruguay Displace Tens Of Thousands

    As water levels climbed to the highest in decades, Paraguay declared a state of emergency, and thousands fled to higher ground.
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  3. After Mass Shootings, Action On Gun Legislation Soars At State Level

    Over 20,400 pieces of gun-related legislation have been proposed in the past 25 years after mass shootings. Whether they tighten or loosen gun laws depends on the state's dominant political party.
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  4. Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Barred From Operating Labs For Two Years

    Theranos aimed at disrupting the blood testing industry by using only a few drops of blood. But now, regulators say they will bar the company's dynamic CEO from owning or running a lab for two years.
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  5. After Dallas, Black Gun Owners Take Stock

    Many African-Americans keep guns for self-defense, dating back to Emancipation. But the shooting in Dallas, and recent killings of black men by police, have raised hard questions for black gun owners.
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  6. EPA Staffer Retires 10 months After Gold King Mine Spill

    Steve Way oversaw operations at the mine, but was on vacation when an EPA-led crew inadvertently triggered the 3-million-gallon spill on Aug. 5.
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  7. After 25-Year Hiatus, First Arabic-Language 'Sesame Street' Opens Again

    Iftah Ya Simsim was one of the earliest foreign-language Sesame Street spinoffs of when it launched in 1979. But the beloved show went dark when its studio was partially destroyed during the Gulf War.
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  8. After Victory In Crowded Senate Primary, Republican Glenn Narrows Focus To Bennet

    "It’s time for Colorado to lead," the El Paso County Commissioner and Republican nominee said at his victory party. "And that’s what we’re going to do."
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  9. NPR's Interview With President Obama About 'Obama's Years'

    Steve Inskeep interviews President Obama on NPR's radio special, the "Obama Years," about how Americans have fared since 2008. He also discusses the Brexit vote and parallels in the U.S. election.
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  10. All clear signaled at Columbine High School after threat issued

    Earlier in the day, no one was allowed to leave the school after it received threats.
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