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  1. World's Oldest Man Celebrates His Bar Mitzvah 100 Years Late

    Two world wars and the Holocaust derailed Yisrael Kristal's bar mitzvah celebration until he turned 113 years old. His family held the ritual for him this week in Israel.
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  2. U.S. Accuses Russia Of Election Year Cyber-Meddling

    The Obama administration says it is confident that Russia is responsible for the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and accuses Moscow of trying to interfere with U.S. elections.
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  3. Collector's Crossroads: Ready, Cassette, Go!

    Last weekend marked the third annual Cassette Store Day, a celebration of tape culture featuring new and classic releases. The latest episode of Collector's Crossroads provides a sampling of Cassette Store Day tapes of years past, plus some additional tape-only rarities.
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  4. How Do You Teach Politics In The Year Of Donald Trump?

    Donald Trump's rise has challenged decades of conventional political wisdom. And that makes teaching political science particularly difficult right now.
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  5. Slovenia Closes Its Border, Stranding Tens Of Thousands Of Migrants

    Following Slovenia's border restrictions, Serbia and Croatia also closed their frontiers to most migrants trying to reach Europe through the Balkans.
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  6. 50 Years After Texas College Shooting, 'Campus-Carry' Becomes Law

    Memorials to the 14 killed and 31 wounded by clocktower shooter Charles Whitman on Aug. 1, 1966, coincided with the legalization of concealed-carry handguns on Texas state universities.
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  7. Maria Sharapova's 2-Year Doping Ban Cut To 15 Months

    The tennis star was suspended from international competition after testing positive for the banned drug meldonium. She will be eligible to play again beginning in April 2017.
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  8. All clear signaled at Columbine High School after threat issued

    Earlier in the day, no one was allowed to leave the school after it received threats.
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  9. 'We Failed You': Female Mounties Receive Apology After Decades Of Harassment

    Female officers belonging to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have long claimed harassment, discrimination and abuse. The government has now set aside a multimillion-dollar compensation package.
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  10. Michelle Obama's Kitchen Garden Will Keep Blooming, Even After She Leaves

    Whether future occupants of the East Wing like Bill Clinton or Melania Trump decide to get their hands dirty in the garden, its future has been cemented on the White House South Lawn.
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