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  1. Video: Bode Miller talks about the Vail 2015 crash and whether he'll retire

    The veteran U.S. Ski Team member looks at ease despite a major disappointment.
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  2. Obamacare Five Years Later: Thriving Or On Political Life Support?

    The health care law has sliced the number of uninsured by a third. Yet it remains deeply polarizing, and its fate could be decided by the Supreme Court and the coming presidential election.
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  3. Panel Finds FBI Made Strides After 9/11, But Must Speed Reforms

    An independent review of how the FBI implemented the recommendations made in the 9/11 Commission Report also says new threats to the U.S. challenged the bureau's "change-resistant culture."
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  4. Obama: 50 Years After 'Bloody Sunday,' March Is Not Yet Over

    The president, speaking at an event in Selma, Ala., to commemorate the march, said "our union is not yet perfect. But we are getting closer."
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  5. Ten Thousand Villages

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  6. Colorado Springs veterans targeted to get housing by year's end

    In El Paso County, about 300 homeless veterans seek services each year. The program director says they need more volunteers to house them all.
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  7. Protests After Police In Wis. Kill Unarmed 19-Year-Old Black Suspect

    Authorities say an officer was assaulted after responding to a call about reckless driving. The Madison police chief has acknowledged that the suspect was unarmed.
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  8. Denver Mayor Hancock skips speech over protest worries

    Those protestors are angry about officers from the Denver Police Department shooting and killing 17-year-old Jessica Hernandez.
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  9. Spruce beetle hits more Colorado forests; pine beetle slows

    The mountain pine beetle epidemic in Colorado reached its lowest level in 17 years.
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  10. Potential juror says she was shot, another tears out hair: both released

    Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. said the woman "lost it" when she was told she would have to return for further questioning.
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