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  1. Watch: Playing an instrument helps your brain (and other reasons music is essential)

    There's a dynamic relationship between cognitive function and musical activity, and that makes music unique and essential.
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  2. Kids Music Week: Sonic youth milestones

    Mike Flanagan continues Kids Music Week on OpenAir with a sampling of ages and the events that affected some great musical artists.
    OpenAir · Blog Post
  3. Retrofit: Teen Spirit

    We've had fun with Kids Music Week on CPR this week, and are wrapping it up with a Sweet Sixteen Party on Retrofit entitled "Teen Spirit."
    OpenAir · Blog Post
  4. Watch: An inspirational rap set to Mozart's 'Rondo Alla Turca'

    Some sound advice for young fans of classical and hip-hop.
    Classical · Blog Post
  5. Kids Music Week: Favorite childhood musical memories from CPR Classical

    First LPs, first instruments and other powerful moments that inspired our staff.
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  6. Five great music apps for kids-- no music lessons required

    Fun ways to learn about music or start your own masterpieces on your tablet or mobile device.
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  7. Residents return, rebuild a year after floods swamped Jamestown

    Some feared the small mountain town wouldn't survive the devastating flooding that washed through town in September 2013.
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  8. The four best breakup albums of 2014

    Alisha Sweeney picks this year's top four albums that chronicle the emotions of a breakup.
    OpenAir · Blog Post
  9. Watch: When Itzhak Perlman played bluegrass with John Denver

    A look back at a unique performance, just in time for Perlman's birthday.
    Classical · Blog Post
  10. Half-Year After Takeover, Russia Controls Crimea

    Six months after it was annexed by Russia, most nations still consider Crimea part of Ukraine. But Morning Edition's David Greene tells NPR's Scott Simon the republic is clearly dominated by Russia.
    News · NPR Story