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  1. Floods In Paraguay, Argentina And Uruguay Displace Tens Of Thousands

    As water levels climbed to the highest in decades, Paraguay declared a state of emergency, and thousands fled to higher ground.
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  2. An Effort To Revive Colorado’s First State Song, ‘Where The Columbines Grow’

    Adopted in 1915, A.J. Fynn’s song is little known today. Constitutional law scholar Rob Natelson wants to change that.
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  3. Life After Columbine

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  4. 30 Years After Explosion, Challenger Engineer Still Blames Himself

    Bob Ebeling, an anonymous source for NPR's 1986 report on the disaster, tells NPR that despite warning NASA of troubles before the launch, he believes God "shouldn't have picked me for that job."
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  5. 2nd Teen Charged In Alleged Douglas County School Murder Plot

    Prosecutors say that Brooke Higgins wrote in a journal that she wished she could have been part of the 1999 Columbine High School attack.
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  6. Israeli Police Say 13-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead After Attempted Stabbing

    A 13-year-old Palestinian girl was shot and killed by a security guard at a West Bank settlement after she attempted to stab him, according to Israeli police.
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  7. El Ten Eleven w/ Wire Faces

    • Wednesday, March 9, 2016 8:00pm
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  8. Ten months later, Colorado flood victims still recovering

    Two families from Weld County lost everything in last September's floods. We've been following their stories over the past 10 months, learning how difficult it is for families to recover physically and emotionally from a natural disaster.
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  9. Feeling the Music

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  10. 5 Years After Ousting A Dictator, Is Tunisia Backsliding On Human Rights?

    Amnesty International says it has evidence of deaths in custody and torture in Tunisia, which has been heralded as a bright spot in a troubled region.
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