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  1. Years After Their Own Protests, Eyes Of Anaheim Are On Ferguson

    Two years ago in Anaheim, Calif., events unfolded not unlike those recently in Ferguson, Mo. In Anaheim then, two Latino men were shot by police, and civic anger turned into a few nights of sometimes-violent demonstrations. Now, Anaheim's police and government are trying to work more closely with the Latino community, and a vote in November could make some major changes.
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  2. American Journalist Freed After Nearly Two Years In Captivity

    New England native Peter Theo Curtis was freed Sunday, after being held by Islamic militants in Syria since October 2012. Another American journalist, James Foley, was killed in Syria last week.
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  3. After A Long Wait, Syrian Rebels Hope The Weapons Will Now Flow

    The "moderate" opposition has been losing ground on the battlefield and pleading for weapons from the U.S. for the past couple of years. They are hoping that their fortunes have finally changed.
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  4. 500 Migrants Feared Dead After Boat Sinks In Mediterranean

    The International Organization for Migration says the incident took place last week when people smugglers rammed a vessel carrying hundreds of refugees hoping to reach European waters.
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  5. North Korea Sentences American To Six Years Of Hard Labor

    Matthew Miller, of Bakersfield, Calif., had entered North Korea on a tourist visa. The country says he sought to be thrown in jail to investigate human rights issues.
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  6. Convicted School Shooter Apprehended After Ohio Prison Break

    T.J. Lane escaped Thursday night with two other inmates from the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima. Lane was convicted of killing 3 students at a suburban Cleveland High School in 2012.
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  7. Then and now photos: Colo. flood recovery one year later

    Then-and-now scenes from last year's historic flood in Colorado show varying degrees of recovery.
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  8. 1999 Columbine Diary

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  9. CPR's First 40 Years: 1970-2010

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  10. One Year After Calif. Rim Fire, Debate Simmers Over Forest Recovery

    This third-largest wildfire in California's history struck the area near Yosemite National Park. Since then, controversy has broken out over whether to log the trees and replant seedlings.
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