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  1. Tens Of Thousands Of Alpacas Die In Peruvian Cold Snap

    Peru's government has declared a state of emergency in the southern Andes, where brutally cold temperatures have killed the animals and threatened farmers living at high altitude.
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  2. Life After Columbine

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  3. Arapahoe High School Shooting Survivor Felt 'Bombarded' By News Media

    Addie Finch wanted privacy, but found none, after a gunman opened fire at her suburban Denver high school in 2013.
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  4. 2 Years After Unrest, Baltimore's Youth Are 'Still Fighting For The Basics'

    After unrest in Baltimore two years ago brought national attention and some help to the city's problems, activists say young people in the city's poorest neighborhoods still need more help.
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  5. Colorado's Top Ten Artifacts-- From Homesteader Photos To A Slide Rule

    Winners also include a cast iron tofu cauldron and a tattered Civil War flag.
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  6. Feeling the Music

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  7. Code of Ethics

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  8. 3 Years After Ill-Fated Switch, Flint Mayor Recommends Using Detroit Water

    The Michigan city tried to save money by drawing its supply from the Flint River, beginning in April 2014. That decision resulted in a crisis when lead contaminated the drinking water.
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  9. 'Pandemic' Asks: Is A Disease That Will Kill Tens Of Millions Coming?

    Author Sonia Shah says that urbanization and air travel put the global population at an increased risk for disease. "Zika is a great example of how new pathogens are emerging today," she says.
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  10. Mexico Catches One Of Several Fugitive Former Governors After A Half-Year Hunt

    Javier Duarte, former governor of Veracruz state, was finally apprehended in Guatemala this weekend. He's just one of nearly a dozen ex-governors either on the lam, under investigation or in prison.
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