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  1. Colorado's Top Ten Artifacts-- From Homesteader Photos To A Slide Rule

    Winners also include a cast iron tofu cauldron and a tattered Civil War flag.
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  2. Lyle Jeffs, Polygamist Accused Of Fraud, Arrested After Nearly A Year On The Run

    Jeffs, a leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was indicted last year on charges of food stamp fraud and money laundering. He gave the FBI the slip last June.
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  3. N.Y. Immigration Courts Face 2-Year Delay After Judges Sent To The Border

    The Trump administration is temporarily moving immigration judges to courts near the southern border, making delays in New York worse.
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  4. After Years Of Restraint, A Linguist Says 'Yes!' To The Exclamation Point

    F. Scott Fitzgerald once declared that using an exclamation point was like laughing at your own joke, but linguist Geoff Nunberg begs to differ. He's begun embracing the mark in his own writing.
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  5. One Year After Pulse Shooting, Orlando Honors Those Who Died

    Hundreds gathered outside the nightclub Monday to remember the 49 people who were killed that night. Mourners have created a makeshift memorial there — and plans for a permanent one are underway.
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  6. Interracial Marriages Face Pushback 50 Years After Loving

    The U.S. Supreme Court legalized marriages between people of different races 50 years ago. But some interracial couples today say they sometimes feel unaccepted in the U.S.
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  7. 7 Years After BP Oil Spill, Oyster Farming Takes Hold In South

    The "off-bottom" production method, in which oysters are grown in hanging baskets tumbled by waves, is starting to flourish on the Gulf coast — and demand for these boutique bivalves is growing.
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  8. Chelsea Manning, Once Sentenced To 35 Years, Walks Free After 7 Years

    Chelsea Manning, the transgender soldier convicted of leaking classified U.S. documents, has been released from a military prison in Kansas. President Barack Obama commuted her sentence in January.
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  9. Code of Ethics

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  10. Democrats Play Blame Game With Pelosi After Georgia Election — To GOP's Glee

    Republicans were able to effectively tie House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to losing candidate Jon Ossoff in Georgia. It's a strategy they've used for years and don't plan to abandon anytime soon.
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