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  1. Alisha's 10 bands to discover at UMS 2014

    Alisha Sweeney picks her top 10 acts to catch at this year's Denver Post Underground Music Showcase (UMS) from July 24-27.
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  2. 1999 Columbine Diary

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  3. On The Cusp: 11-Year-Olds Around The World Share Their Wisdom

    Age 11 is when you're most passionate and optimistic, says Australian filmmaker Genevieve Bailey. So she created a documentary looking at the world through the eyes of 11-year-olds in 15 countries.
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  4. 50 Years Ago, A Fluid Border Made The U.S. 1 Square Mile Smaller

    Since Texas became a state, the Rio Grande has marked the border between the U.S. and Mexico. But, like rivers do, it moved. In 1964, the U.S. finally gave back 437 acres of land.
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  5. Why Did Crowd Flee Shanghai Subway After Foreigner Fainted?

    A widely watched video shows a foreigner fainting on a subway car and everyone around him fleeing. No one helps. It's rekindled a national debate about trust, fear and the Chinese national character.
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  6. Why A Teenage Mom Was Jailed In El Salvador After A Stillbirth

    Christina Quintanilla faced up to 50 years in prison after an anonymous hospital worker accused her of having an abortion.
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  7. More women skip prenatal tests after learning about risks

    Research suggests that women may not be getting the information they need to make informed decisions about prenatal genetic testing, particularly invasive tests that can harm the fetus.
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  8. Christmas Carol Countdown: After the Voting Ends

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  9. Years After Their Own Protests, Eyes Of Anaheim Are On Ferguson

    Two years ago in Anaheim, Calif., events unfolded not unlike those recently in Ferguson, Mo. In Anaheim then, two Latino men were shot by police, and civic anger turned into a few nights of sometimes-violent demonstrations. Now, Anaheim's police and government are trying to work more closely with the Latino community, and a vote in November could make some major changes.
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  10. In The Gaza Strip, The School Year Gets Off To A Rocky Start

    Palestinian kids in Gaza went back to school this past week in buildings damaged by the war, with children homeless and traumatized, and more than the usual overcrowding they face every year.
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