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  1. Life After Columbine

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  2. South Korean Adopted At Age 3 Is To Be Deported Nearly 40 Years Later

    Adam Crapser was adopted by an American couple as a child. They never completed his citizenship papers and abandoned him into the foster system. Now, despite appeals for help, he is being deported.
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  3. Louisiana Floods Leave At Least 6 Dead, Tens Of Thousands Forced From Homes

    More than 20,000 people have been rescued from the floodwaters. The state's governor describes the flooding as "unprecedented," and authorities are warning that waters could rise more in some areas.
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  4. Feeling the Music

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  5. Trinidad's Jewish Temple Closes After 127 Years

    There just aren't enough congregants to maintain Trinidad’s Temple Aaron, so the historic building is for sale.
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  6. Tejano Star Selena Still Draws Sellout Crowd 20 Years After Death

    Makeup inspired by the late Tejano music star Selena Quintanilla has drawn lines at stores around the country.
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  7. Years After Police Shooting, Woodcarver's Brother Remembers The Man He Lost

    A Native American woodcarver, crossing the street with his carving knife, was killed when an officer mistook him for a threat. "I want them to know him the way I did," his brother says.
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  8. After ISIS, People From Mosul Fear What May Come Next

    Iraqis from Mosul expect chaos when ISIS is pushed out. In 13 years of war, when the army and its U.S. ally have taken control of cities, the military victories were squandered amid sectarian feuding.
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  9. Best of 2013 Colorado VIPs: Sarah Slater of Titwrench Fest

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  10. Community Advisory Board Members

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