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  1. A Year After Ferguson: Obama Tells NPR He Feels 'Great Urgency'

    In an interview with Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep, the president rejects the suggestion that political considerations put race relations on the back burner in his first term.
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  2. Coloradans Ambivalent About Marking Aurora Anniversary

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  3. After A Year Of Bombing ISIS, U.S. Campaign Shows Just Limited Gains

    Airstrikes have helped push back the Islamic State in some places, but the group has gained in other areas. Pentagon officials say the U.S. operation may need another two years or more to succeed.
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  4. A Rarity Reclaimed: Stolen Stradivarius Recovered After 35 Years

    For decades, virtuoso violinist Roman Totenberg played his prized Stradivarius around the world. Then one day in 1980 it was snatched. Gone. But in June, the FBI called his daughter with news.
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  5. Diagnosing issues with your Internet radio

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  6. SEC Adopts CEO Pay Ratio Rule, Five Years After It Became Law

    After the agency formally proposed the pay ratio reporting rule in 2013, it received more than 280,000 public comments that called on its commissioners to approve the rule.
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  7. At A Colorado Barbershop, Talk Focuses On The Year Since Ferguson

    Colorado Matters returned to Denver's Montbello neighborhood to talk about race and police in a small barbershop.
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  8. After 25 Years, What Progress Has The ADA Made For People With Disabilities?

    Rocky Mountain ADA Center's Rachael Stafford says the Americans with Disabilities Act has evolved, but lags for certain people.
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  9. New Orleanians See Remarkable Progress A Decade After Hurricane Katrina

    Overall, residents say areas ranging from jobs creation and access to public transportation have improved greatly. But a new poll also reveals a widening racial divide in perceptions of the recovery.
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  10. #TBT: 40 Years After Jimmy Hoffa's Disappearance, His Legend Lives On

    Forty years ago today, Hoffa pulled into a restaurant parking lot and was never heard from again. His story is one of union devotion, fraud and fierce political battles.
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