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  1. Aspen funds energy efficiency program with 'Robin Hood' mechanism

    Participating homeowners get as much as $2,500 in improvements, paid by fees from homes and businesses bigger than 5,000 square feet.
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  2. Boulder coding 'boot camp' focuses on training low-income adults

    The program, SeedPaths, says that 82 percent of its graduates are employed within 90 days of finishing their studies.
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  3. Boulder eyes Avery's brewing waste to help filter city wastewater

    It turns out a byproduct of the brewing process -- a sugar-water called weak wort -- can help remove nitrogen from wastewater.
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  4. Colorado faces lawsuits from residents over legal marijuana

    Plaintiffs who oppose legal pot are appealing to federal courts to try to shut down Colorado's $800-million-a-year marijuana industry
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  5. Colorado may pay to get more local food in schools

    Colorado is considering a grant program that would cost about $1 million a year for five years to put more local produce in school cafeterias.
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  6. Denver water use hits 40 year low

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  7. Voter ID bills die in the Colorado House

    The bills' Republican backers are concerned there aren't enough safeguards to prevent voter fraud with last-minute registrations.
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  8. Denver police officer hurt in student protests going home

    Officer John Adsit has been hospitalized since Dec. 3.
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  9. The essential Lesley Gore

    From '60s teen sensation to modern times activist, Lesley Gore, who died yesterday at age 68, owned it all with grace, class, and style. And she herself was never owned.
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  10. Wilderness therapy appears to help vets; VA has yet to be persuaded

    The Veterans Affairs administration will likely want more hard data before implementing large-scale programs, reports High Country News.
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