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  1. Scribes Are Back, Helping Doctors Tackle Electronic Medical Records

    In ancient times scribes were used to record everything from prayers to legal transactions. Now they're making a comeback in the doctor's office, easing the transition to electronic medical records.
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  2. Washington State Mudslide Death Toll Rises To 39

    The number of missing is still unclear, but at last count, authorities said seven people remained unaccounted for from the March 22 mudslide near the community of Oso.
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  3. Training For An Uncertain Military Future In The Calif. Desert

    The military's training center at Fort Irwin in California is complete with mock Middle Eastern villages. But as the U.S. combat mission in Afghanistan winds down, how will this facility change?
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  4. Vinyl gurus Michael Fremer and Joe Harley talk record hunting, tips for preserving your collection and the future of audio

    OpenAir host and fellow vinyl junkie Scott Carney spoke with record enthusiasts and self-described audiophiles Michael Fremer and Joe Harley prior to this year's Record Store Day about the glory of vinyl.
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  5. 'Kissing Congressman' Video Puts Scandal In Unusual Focus

    A video of married Rep. Vance McAllister in a passionate embrace with a co-worker has put his job in peril. In a prudent move, he decided against pursuing an FBI investigation into who leaked it.
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  6. Obama: Passing Of Fort Hood Victims 'Shakes Our Soul'

    For the second time in five years, President Obama delivered a message of resilience and service at a memorial service for slain soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas.
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  7. So This Is How They Do It! Zebras Getting Stripes

    The pink on a flamingo? Stripes on a zebra? Spots on a giraffe? All explained. Simply. Elegantly. Oddly.
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  8. Young Women Increasingly Turn To ADHD Drugs

    Teenage boys are still the primary users of stimulant medications to treat ADHD, but increased use by adults, particularly young women, has fueled a 36 percent rise in prescriptions in five years.
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  9. Ukraine Calls An Easter Truce In Clash With Militants

    Citing recent progress and the Easter holiday, Ukrainian officials say they've suspended an "anti-terrorist operation" aimed at pro-Russian forces who have occupied government buildings.
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  10. Marian Anderson: Denied a stage, she sang for a nation

    Seventy-five years ago, Marian Anderson made history when she sang to crowd of 75,000 at the Lincoln Memorial. The Daughters of the American Revolution had denied her the use of Constitution Hall.
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