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  1. Without A Marijuana Breathalyzer, How To Curb Stoned Driving?

    Legal pot sales are growing in Colorado, and the state has a marijuana DUI blood standard for drivers. But without a pot breathalyzer, it's hard to measure how high someone is.
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  2. Invoking 'Castle Doctrine,' Mont. Man Pleads Not Guilty In Teen's Death

    A Montana man says he was justified in shooting a prowler, a German exchange student, in his garage. The case has revived the debate over how far Americans should be able to go to defend their homes.
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  3. In A New Twist To A Poignant Tale, Oscar-Winning Director Found Dead

    Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul won an Oscar with his first documentary, a poignant story about an American singer who was famous in South Africa for decades and didn't know it.
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  4. SnapChat CEO's Emails Didn't Disappear, Come Back To Shame Him

    The CEO of the self-destructing messaging platform Snapchat says he's "mortified" his misogynistic fraternity emails were made public.
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  5. In 'Raging Bull' Ruling, High Court Sides With Co-Writer's Daughter

    The Supreme Court delivered a blow on behalf of writers, giving a screenwriter's daughter a chance to prove in court that the critically acclaimed movie Raging Bull infringed her father's copyright.
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  6. Weekly Music News: R.E.M., Velvet Underground and more

    This week in music news: R.E.M. releases rarities collection, rare Velvet Underground record goes on sale and more.
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  7. Georgia Looks To Reopen Some Closed Hospitals As ERs

    Financial problems have led many hospitals to shut down completely. Georgia is issuing licenses to rural hospitals that would allow them to become nothing more than free-standing emergency rooms.
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  8. Brothers Levin Near The End Of A 32-Year Congressional Partnership

    Last March, Sen. Carl Levin announced his final term. But his brother, Rep. Sandy Levin, will run for re-election next year. "It's difficult for me to imagine Carl's not being a partner and my closest friend," Sandy says. Tuesday's State of the Union speech will be the last where they sit, as they always have, side by side.
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  9. American Teens Are Becoming Even Wimpier Than Before

    Children tend to become less physically active as they move into their teenage years. But less than half of those ages 12 to 15 are meeting even minimal standards for aerobic fitness, the CDC reports.
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  10. Palestinian Herders Pick Up The Pieces After Homes Destroyed

    Up a barren, narrow valley in the West Bank hills, a small community of herders raises sheep and goats. But it is also an Israeli military zone. NPR's Emily Harris visited the community one day, and returned the next to find their flimsy homes bulldozed by Israeli court order.
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