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  1. Study: Just 20 percent of female campus sexual assault victims go to police

    Justice Department research finds that women ages 18-24 who aren't enrolled in college are more likely than those who are in school to report having been assaulted.
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  2. For Ebola Orphans In Liberia, It's A Bittersweet New Beginning

    After being quarantined for weeks, 18 children in Monrovia are ready to go to their new home or reunite with extended family But it's not all smiles as the children remember the family they lost.
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  3. Alan Rusbridger, Editor Of 'Guardian,' To Step Down

    He is best known in the U.S. for shepherding the newspaper through its coverage of Edward Snowden's leaks of classified material. He will become the chair of the trust that runs the Guardian.
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  4. Review: The Pizza Underground at Marquis Theater, 11-26-14

    It’s hard to single out why any person would go to a show featuring The Pizza Underground, Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground parody band.
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  5. Kalettes, Broccoflower And Other Eye-Popping Vegetables For 2015

    Kale's days as the superfood-du-jour may be numbered. Next up: Kalettes? It's a cross between kale and Brussels sprouts, and it's one of a few bewitching hybrid vegetables that could go big in 2015.
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  6. You Don't Want To Monkey Around With Monkey Malaria

    The surging and virulent strain is carried by macaques in southeast Asia. As their habitat is disrupted by development, the monkeys come in closer contact with people. And mosquitoes do the rest.
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  7. Congress Clashes Over Release Of CIA Torture Report

    Senate Democrats plan to release a long-withheld torture report this week, but the State Department wants more delay because of feared repercussions — both at home and overseas.
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  8. Director of Philanthropy Job Description (05/10)

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  9. Denver protesters on Ferguson: 'We’re here in support and solidarity'

    Reginald Holmes, a pastor, says he was disappointed but not surprised by the grand jury's decision in Missouri.
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  10. Chicago Council Strongly Approves $13 Minimum Wage

    Saying that inflation has outpaced wage growth, the ordinance will raise the city's minimum wage to $10 by next July, with new increments added each summer thereafter.
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