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  1. Tommy John Remembers Dr. Jobe, 'One Of The Greatest Surgeons'

    John was the first major league pitcher to have the arm-saving surgery that has since saved many careers. The surgeon, Dr. Frank Jobe, died on Thursday. He was 88.
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  2. From War In The Desert To 'Murder Ball On Ice'

    This year, the men's U.S. Paralympic Sled Hockey team is packed with Afghanistan and Iraq veterans, and they've found an outlet in hitting, slamming and speeding across the ice as fast as they can.
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  3. Death Toll From NYC Explosion Stands At 7, May Go Higher

    Two buildings in Harlem were leveled. Authorities say there were reports of a gas leak shortly before Wednesday's explosion and fire. Along with the deaths, there were dozens of injuries.
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  4. Actuaries In Denver Will Get First Peek At Obamacare's Full Cost

    Health insurers across the country have agreed to share information about how much new customers are costing their health plans. The figures will be used to calculate future rates.
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  5. China's Crackdown On Corruption Opens Door To Abuse

    A local official says he was detained and tortured by the Communist Party after being accused of taking bribes. The Associated Press reports these investigations occur without judicial oversight.
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  6. Photo Identification: The 'Best And Worst Way' To ID People

    How reliably can we find the fakes? A new study says the more forgeries people come across, the better they are at spotting them. But there are multiple traps that can cloud screeners' judgment.
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  7. Parenting In The Age Of Apps: Is That iPad Help Or Harm?

    With tablet technology still relatively new, pediatricians are trying to understand how interactive media affects children.
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  8. Colorado working to prevent runoff from repeating September flooding

    Communities across Colorado's Front Range are clearing waterways of debris and sediment so they won't clog when the mountain snowpack melts.
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  9. Note to 'Downton Abbey' viewers: Nellie Melba was a big deal

    One diva brought another to the screen in this week's episode of the celebrated drama. New Zealand native Dame Kiri Te Kanawa appeared as her predecessor Dame Nellie Melba, an Australian singer in high demand in the years before and After World War I. Hear the real Melba in a signature role.
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  10. Boeing 777 Pilots: It's Not Easy To Disable Onboard Communications

    Four commercial jetliner pilots say they would need to pore over checklists and other aircraft documentation to figure out how to disable radios and a text-based automatic communication system.
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