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  1. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley Seeks Democratic Nomination

    O'Malley, also a former Baltimore mayor, has made no secret of his desire to run, despite his lack of a national profile. He faces an uphill battle against front-runner Hillary Clinton.
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  2. Trying To Organize A Marathon, An Arab-Israeli Woman Runs Into Opposition

    Conservatives in Tira pushed back hard at the idea of women and men running together in a public race. Someone went so far as to shoot at race organizer Haneen Radi's car. For now, the run is off.
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  3. Biker Shootout Update: 7 Remain In Hospital; Uninvited Gang Had Come To Meeting

    Giving an update on Sunday's violence, Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton dismisses media reports that law enforcement officers had killed four bikers.
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  4. Kate Middleton, Wife Of Prince William, Has A Baby Girl

    Just hours after she checked into the hospital in early labor, the Duchess of Cambridge delivered a baby.
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  5. Iowa's Sen. Ernst Grabs Spotlight That's Often Proven Too Hot

    As often as not, the opportunity to speak right after the president has been the kiss of death for aspiring politicians — especially for the GOP during the Obama years.
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  6. Report decries 'criminalization' of Colorado homeless

    A new report says that 90 percent of Colorado's homeless population have been harassed by police for a "crime of homelessness."
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  7. These Vintner Monks Turn Wilderness Into The Divine Gift Of Wine

    In a part of Northern California better known for cattle ranches than grapes, the monks of New Clairvaux abbey are cultivating the art of winemaking. The hard work feeds the spirit and the coffers.
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  8. Edison visits OpenAir

    Denver's own Edison stopped into the CPR Performance studio earlier this year to perform some graceful indie folk from their new "Ghost EP."
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  9. Grassley To Justice Department: Crack Down On Medicare Advantage Overbilling

    Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley is asking the Obama administration pointed questions about what is being done to investigate alleged fraud, waste and abuse by Medicare Advantage plans.
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  10. TLC Pulls '19 Kids And Counting' Amid Reports Of Star's Sexual Misconduct As Minor

    Reports say Josh Duggar, 27, molested five underage girls in 2002 and 2003. Duggar has apologized, and his family says they have been open about "one of the most difficult times of our lives."
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