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  1. Why the inspiration for Lucy from 'Peanuts' was bittersweet about her fame

    Louanne Van Pelt, who died earlier this month, knew Charles Schulz and was the basis for Lucy, who was often a thorn in the sides of the rest of the Charlie Brown gang.
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  2. From cartoon chubster to handsome hipster: McDonald's revamps hamburglar

    Gone is the short, goofy burger thief of the 1970s and '80s. In his place, the chain has created a hunky masked man in skinny jeans and a fedora. An improvement?
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  3. 'We're Racist' Soccer Fans Chant After Pushing Black Man Out Of Paris Metro

    The passengers were identified as Chelsea fans and now British police are trying to find them. Police said they would seek to ban them from attending future matches.
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  4. Chinese High-Rise Worker Left Dangling After Annoyed Boy Cuts Rope

    The 10-year-old watching cartoons reportedly became annoyed at the construction racket outside his window, so he took a knife and sliced through the worker's rappelling apparatus.
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  5. Wildfire experts predict average year for Colorado

    Gov. Hickenlooper warns that even an average year means fires could scorch more than 155 square miles, or 100,000 acres.
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  6. What Should Liberia Do With Its Empty Ebola Treatment Units?

    Now that Liberia is Ebola-free, it has to figure out what to do with 21 Ebola treatment units built during the outbreak.
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  7. How Franz Liszt changed concert performances forever

    'Lisztomania' continues to influence classical music today.
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  8. In Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis, There Are No Easy Solutions

    After years of recession and rampant tax evasion, the U.S. territory is desperate to renegotiate its $73 billion debt. But it can't declare bankruptcy, and plans to raise taxes face strong resistance.
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  9. The Unlikely Stars Of Americans' Favorite Video Games

    More than a third of Americans play video games three or more hours a week. Part of the appeal is the richly developed characters in the games.
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  10. What's Driving The Motor City Forward Now?

    Six months after Detroit emerged from bankruptcy, Michel Martin heads there to hear from the artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs who are shaping the city's future.
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