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  1. Donald Trump Clinches The Presidency In Major Upset

    The rise of a candidate with no experience in the military or elected office confounded nearly everyone in politics. But Trump won over white voters with his promise to "Make America Great Again."
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  2. Raise Colorado's Minimum Wage? Here's What Employers Tell Us

    Coloradans will vote in November on whether to raise the minimum wage. We asked employers how they'd be affected. We'll have worker' views soon.
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  3. In South Africa, More Calls For The President To Step Down

    Thousands of people demonstrated in Pretoria before the release of a report on alleged corruption by President Jacob Zuma. The Nelson Mandela Foundation has accused Zuma of looting the state.
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  4. Colorado snowpack at 87 percent of normal after February snow

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  5. Here's Why The Republican National Committee Says It Won Tuesday

    Donald Trump shocked the pollsters and pundits not just by winning but by taking a surprisingly large Electoral College victory. Here's how the RNC says he did it.
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  6. Is Amendment 71 Now A Proxy Battleground For Colorado's Oil & Gas Differences?

    Amendment 71, a statewide measure looking to make it harder for citizen-initiated ballot issues to amend the constitution, is now getting attention from both sides of the oil and gas debate.
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  7. PHOTOS: America Votes... At Pools, Art Museums And Laundromats

    Forget elementary schools and community centers. Some ballots were filled out in far more interesting, unusual or beautiful locations — complete with surfboards, washing machines or sitar music.
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  8. Monkeys Regain Control Of Paralyzed Legs With Help Of An Implant

    Two monkeys with spinal cord injuries were able to move after a wireless implant restored the connection between brain and legs. But any help for people will be years away, researchers say.
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  9. After Tsunami And Quake, A U.S.-Japan Partnership To 'Give Hope'

    When the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis hit Japan in 2011, U.S. troops delivered aid in Operation Tomodachi, Japanese for "friends." Another Tomodachi program brings Japanese kids to the U.S.
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  10. Trump Confounds The Pros, Connects With Just The Right Voters

    Once he had become the nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump needed only to hold his base constituency together and add the reluctant votes of other Republicans and compatible independents.
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