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  1. The Latest Food Truck Theme Is Marijuana For Lunch

    The food truck craze and recreational marijuana have now collided. MagicalButter, a Seattle-based company, says its Samich food truck is just one of many pot culinary ventures.
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  2. Pakistan's Prime Minister Will Attend India's Narendra Modi's Swearing In

    This is a historic first for two countries with strained ties. Nawaz Sharif will also meet with Modi for bilateral talks following the ceremony.
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  3. Public schools in Colorado get more funding

    After weeks of skirmishing, a bipartisan coalition of state lawmakers approve a school finance package that supporters say gives some much-needed relief to public schools.
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  4. Veteran Congressman Makes A Career-Threatening Mistake

    Democratic Rep. John Conyers failed to submit enough valid signatures to appear on the August primary ballot, a campaign misstep that has some wondering if he's still up to the job.
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  5. NFL Draft's First Round: Manziel Slides, No Running Backs Taken

    The Houston Texans used the NFL draft's No. 1 pick to take Jadeveon Clowney. The story of the night was how the Cleveland Browns wound up with a new quarterback, Heisman winner Johnny Manziel.
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  6. Conservatives Brainstorm To Win Voters In The Middle

    Election watchers say Republicans could take control of the Senate in 2014, but to guarantee a win, some conservatives are floating ideas to broaden the party's appeal to the middle class.
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  7. Hemp planting season begins in Colorado

    After years of lobbying, farmer Michael Bowman says he'll start to plant this month, focusing on a strain of hemp that can be used for medicine.
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  8. Study: Fatal accidents associated with marijuana on the rise

    Proportion of deadly accidents in which the driver tested positive for marijuana doubled between 1994 and 2011.
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  9. Colorado Spotlight this week: Denver Philharmonic, Natasha Paremski and more

    What's coming up for the week of May 19.
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  10. Corruption In Ukraine Robs HIV Patients Of Crucial Medicine

    Because of corruption involving medical officials, the government and middlemen, only half the people with HIV get medicine. One man lost his wife while they were both on a waiting list for treatment.
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