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  1. HBCUs Graduate More Poor Black Students Than White Colleges

    Roughly half of HBCUs have a freshman class where three-quarters of the students are from low-income backgrounds, while just 1 percent of non-HBCUs serve as high a percentage of low-income students.
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  2. Heart Screening For Teens May Cause More Problems Than It Solves

    There's no evidence that screening adolescents with electrocardiograms prevents deaths, yet the heart tests have become widespread despite the false alarms they often cause.
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  3. West Virginians Turn To Federal Government For Help After Devastating Floods

    In West Virginia, residents are beginning to clean up after record floods destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses and killed at least 23 people.
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  4. $190 Million Raised To Fill Aid Gap Left By Trump's Abortion Rule

    When the president took action to block U.S. foreign aid funding of groups linked to abortion, a Dutch government official started fundraising.
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  5. These Days, Business Travel By Trump's Sons Is Costly And Complicated

    With the Trump family "so involved in international business, the logistical issues, costs and security risks are more substantial than we're used to seeing," says an expert in presidential travel.
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  6. A Son Of Jerry Sandusky Accused Of Child Sexual Abuse

    Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted in 2012 of abusing 10 boys. His son Jeffrey was arrested Monday and charged with 14 counts including child sexual abuse.
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  7. From Slave To Colorado Entrepreneur, Clara Brown's Story Told In New PBS Documentary

    Clara Brown lost track of her own children after they were sold to separate slave owners, but she became like family to miners in Colorado.
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  8. Obama Declares Major Disaster In West Virginia After Historic Flooding

    The flooding has left at least 24 people dead and devastated communities. The historic floods are the worst in a century for some parts of the state. At least 100 homes were destroyed or damaged.
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  9. Trump's International Policies Could Have Lasting Effects On Higher Ed

    More than a million international students go to college in the United States. But after recent events, and President Trump's policies, recruiters expect numbers to drop.
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  10. Elizabeth Warren Campaigns With Hillary Clinton, Goes After Donald Trump

    In their first appearance together of the 2016 campaign, the progressive hero and Massachusetts senator enthusiastically endorsed the presumptive nominee.
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