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  1. Project Eavesdrop: An Experiment At Monitoring My Home Office

    NPR's Steve Henn, along with two tech experts, allowed Internet traffic through his laptop and cellphone to be monitored. If someone tapped your Internet connection, what would they find out?
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  2. The World Cup Reminds Us That All The World's A Soccer Field

    It doesn't matter if it's Asia or Africa or Central America, kids make a goal out of something, throw out a ball and the game is on.
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  3. New to OpenAir: Jessica Lea Mayfield, Thee Oh Sees, Sylvan Esso

    New to OpenAir this month: new releases from Ohio singer-songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield, prolific garage rockers Thee Oh Sees, and electro-pop duo Sylvan Esso.
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  4. Move Over, Kate Middleton, For Spain's 'Middle-Class Queen'

    The granddaughter of a taxi driver, Letizia Ortiz is an ex-TV anchor and a divorcee and will be the first commoner ever to grace the Spanish throne. She's also more popular than her in-laws.
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  5. Starbucks Makes Itself More Addictive With Wireless Phone Charging

    If you have a capable device, no more cords or outlets required to charge your smartphone — not at Starbucks locations, anyway.
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  6. FBI: San Francisco Man Had Bomb Components 'To Maim Or Kill'

    Ryan Kelly Chamberlain, 42, was arrested on Monday after a three-day manhunt prompted by a search of his apartment. The FBI search turned up the device.
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  7. Suicide Rate In U.S. And Europe Climbed During Great Recession

    Scientists can't prove a causal link, but the disturbing correlation in the data deserves a closer look, researchers say. Some countries seemed more resilient than others.
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  8. Maybe Dinosaurs Were A Cold-Blooded, Warm-Blooded Mix

    Evidence from bone growth now suggests that T. rex and its kin had the best of both worlds. Their muscles and nerves fired fast like ours, but they burned energy slowly, more like lizards do.
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  9. As Brazil Barrels Toward World Cup, Brazilians Aren't Feeling It

    The games are just a week away, and enthusiasm is low. Stadiums aren't finished, infrastructure is incomplete, and there have been protests. According to one Brazilian soccer fan, "We didn't deliver."
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  10. James Cameron-Backed School To Terminate Meat And Dairy

    A private school in Malibu Canyon supported by director James Cameron and his wife is set to go vegan. Meanwhile, Congress is debating whether to delay healthy school lunch rules for the rest of us.
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